Had to miss my go go dancing class tonight on account of feeling sick and not having any energy.  Since there are only 2 more classes before our dance-a-thon and I don’t know the routine that well, I’m going to have to pull out of it.  That kinda sucks.

Tomorrow I have a massage.  Woohoo!  I wished I’d booked it for earlier in the week but then again, after the City to Surf I had a massage the next day and it was awful.  Not painful but just feeling like I didn’t want to be touched.   I’ve been feeling a bit flat this week – partly from the cold and partly from that empty space inside that was filled with pre-race panic and angst.  I miss that angst 🙂

You know, despite all the long runs and training, I’ve actually been putting on weight.  Go me!  I think mostly because I eat out far, far too much.  Even if you make good choices, you can’t determine what goes into the food unless you cook it yourself.  Also, despite doing more running over the past few months (except when I was injured), my overall amount of exercise decreased quite significantly.  Apart from a few interval sessions on the bike at the gym, I did no non-running cardio.  I want to start focusing now on actually losing weight rather than working towards a running goal.


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  2. You enjoy Angst! I do not! It puts me off my food altogether, which is good – maybe! I hope your new personal goal (to lose some weight) works. Good luck.

  3. Most skinnies put on about 5 or 6 kilos over winter and then around about October sharpen up with the eating and extra walks or dancing or whatever, to drop a bit ready for new year. it is still nearly 12 weeks till ny week, and there is lots of nice fruit like strawberries coming into season.
    i think you have done great with having time to socialize and eat out, after such a long lonely exercise sessions during your weight loss time, i hope you can find some ways to keep up the great work, while still having time with your running buddies and cafe friends. Good luck with the idea of having a scale goal rather than the running goal, as probably a couple of months of scale goal would then leave you an even better runner at the end. Nothing like losing 5 kilo to lighten the running, and some cross training of jog walks and the like done with less intensity than running leaves you a little less hungry than the big runs, and yet would keep your running fitness still in there. A slow steady thing done most days is less fun in some ways that running targets and marathons, but that is where the goal of a fitting into the new year dress might help, or the goal of getting back to a salad each day, it sounds boring, but it is a great feeling when it happens.
    Don’t forget you are an inspiration to all of us with your health regimes, so hope you keep up the great results!

  4. WTF is that top comment? Is someone hacking your blog now?
    12 weeks til the end of the year? Fark I need to pull my finger out. Want to race to 75kg???
    God where have I heard THAT before … PML

  5. Briony’s scared me a little, only 12 weeks?! Sheesh.

    I’ve been putting on weight too :(. I’m not happy about it but am finally doing something about it. Shame you’re missing the go-go dance-a-thon. There’s a place in Sydney that does go-go now, but the teacher frightens me a little (and also knows sweet bugger all about sixties music).
    Oh, and I didn’t say so before (sorry!), but congrats on your result in the half marathon! Go you!

  6. Get well soon 🙂

  7. Loved the comment “Most skinnies put on about 5 or 6 kilos” as that’s what I’ve done. Do I count myself as a skinny? LOL. An aspiring one maybe.

    I went through the lower activity stage too, but it’s getting easier to get active again.

    Happy to join the race to 75 kg. 🙂

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