Spring into Shape 2

I hadn’t been sure about dooing the second Spring into Shape run, wanting to see how I pulled up after Sunday.  Simon and I talked about it and I decided if I did it, I’d only do 4 kms, not 8.  So, last night I was updating the spreadsheet with my run time and got a bit of inspiration.  I’ve not done a 4 km run for about 2 years – and back then it was more like a walk with a bit of run thrown in.  That means my best time for 4 kms is 38 minutes – I can full on kick that pb to pieces if I run this Sunday.  Call me vain, but I can’t resist that 😀


5 responses to “Spring into Shape 2

  1. I’ll have to get to SiS in time so I can cheer you on. Glad you’re feeling ok after your half marathon. Hope your cold is better soon.

  2. nothing like a 15 min PB LOL
    you go Ms gazelle!

  3. You go girl!

  4. Go the 4Km SIS – I’ll see you on the start line 🙂

  5. WOOHOO Go for it hun! Enjoy.

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