Hurts So Good

I’m feeling it today – in the hamstrings, the quads, the inner thighs???, across the shoulders (weird, cos I always try to remind myself to relax my shoulders when I’m running).  The worst part is after I’ve been sitting down a while then get up to walk around.  But it’s good pain – the pain you get from pushing yourself, not awful injury pain – so I don’t mind at all.  Once I get up and going, it eases off.  I might walk into my editing class tonight to stretch the legs out and get them functioning.

The cold isn’t so good – I’ve taken the afternoon off work to rest.  Our damn landlords haven’t done a thing to the lawns for months – the grass is like a jungle.  So, finally they decide it needs going and send a dude over with a goddamn whippersnipper while I’m trying to sleep for the arvo.  Arrrrgghhh!

I’ve got a massage booked for Wednesday.  I also had the physio booked for Friday but I don’t think I’ll need to see her.  The ongoing injuries actually feel better than they have for weeks 🙂


5 responses to “Hurts So Good

  1. Please don’t tell me the only way to fix injuries is to run a marathon. Sounds too hard! 🙂

  2. Yes that DOMS is a good feeling really isn’t it!

  3. OMG, 2 hours and 19 minutes, now I truly do want to bow at your feet!!! You must been totally stoked with that, enjoy your pain 😆

  4. i love that feeling when youve pushed yourself and are way sore(not injured sore)
    again…great effort.

  5. What an aweome time hun! Well done.

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