We laid on the floor in yoga class last night, doing our meditations (my fave part of the class cos you get to curl up with a blankie).  The rain pounded hard on the roof and I kept thinking how I’d get soaked walking home but the instructor told us to bring our minds back to the present and to let the thoughts and worries float away.

‘Okay,’ I thought, ‘I can do that.’  I decided I’d let go and deal with the rain after class.

After the class ended and I got rugged up to walk home, the rain had stopped complete.  I think that’s a metaphor for life (or just a reality of Melbourne weather).


6 responses to “Rain

  1. A. It better not rain when I come over there !!! April/May next year.
    B. Ok, what’s the name of that face/neck serum then?????

    Maybe I should wait and see if you think it makes a difference to your mug first??? lol !
    Have to laugh at your sister’s remark!

  2. Does that mean that if we stop thinking about stuff it will all disappear???

  3. Love it. It’s all about letting go isn’t it because there’s no point worrying about anything. This too shall pass so just be in the moment 🙂

  4. Cuddling up with a blanket is my fave part of yoga too 🙂

    Have a great wknd

  5. Kathryn just wanted to wish you luck for your very first half marathon on Sunday!! Did that just freak you out or what 😆 I am hoping to stick around so I can cheer you in, woo hoo, you go girl 😀

  6. I love the meditation part. Glad it had stopped raining for you.

    Enjoy your half marathon on Sunday Kathryn. All the best.

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