Disaster Update

I rang the store and they think that Windows is corrupted.  It’s a very simple process to restore it BUT it means that I’d wipe all my data.  They can get all my data off the laptop but I have to pay around $50-100.  I figure it’s worth it since I’m the dumb bunny who doesn’t back stuff up. 

Oh and more on the “I’m too dumb to live sometimes” front – ages ago I booked tickets to Tassie for my Nan’s 95th birthday in November.  I can’t find the email confirmation.  I can’t even remember the booking dates.  Hopefully the airlines can tell me.  I normally write all that crap down in my diary but I think at the time I tried to print all the details out then my printer wasn’t hooked up so I thought I’d do it later.

I really do pay for my own laziness!


9 responses to “Disaster Update

  1. *95* What an AWESOME age to attain! Go Nan ! *ducking back under me covers quickly*

  2. Dratted bad luck about the computer. I bought a little 2Gb USB memory stick a while ago, great for backing up My Documents on my laptop. Even has some backup/syncing software on it.

  3. Eek!! Get yourself an external hard drive to back up to. You really can’t afford to lose all your hard work…but you know that already.

    Don’t feel stoopid; my husband managed to wipe the hard drive on his new laptop by placing a magnetic digital TV aerial thingy on top of it. Doh!! Magnets + magnetic storage media don’t mix, as it turns out. If it can happen to the Lord of the Nerds, it can happen to anyone…

  4. Stoopid computers!! I hope they can get it all back for you!

  5. Ah, yes…back up. I should do that sometime too! Dan had to show off and just say that he backs up on a flash disk, his computer at work and he emails himself the latest draft. It should be relatively easy for them to recover your data so fingers crossed nothing else happens before you get your hands on it again! Freak out. I’d die if I lost all my stuff but even now I’m too lazy to go upstairs and get my external hard drive hooked up to this baby.

  6. fingers crossed that your stuff comes back!
    See you on Sunday at StKilda junction 🙂

  7. yep hopefully you get it all back…dang computers.. it is hard to remember to back up. i always click no to back-up when it asks so im an even bigger sausage head!

  8. blame it on windows they say, who would argue. i guess that means they are saying your hard drive is still good. fingers crossed for you.
    i am with Andrew on the gigabyte usb’s. They are just now coming down in price, and i got a 1 gig for about $9. So you get all the back up storage of a h/d for a tiny amount of money, and no fuss. My flat mate put his usb through the washing machine, so that is a draw back at times, as H/D were a bit harder to lose in pockets. however he did find the usb still had all files on working as ever, even after the final spin.
    usb is an easy way to back up the important things like your stories. Yep and i also follow Mary’s Dan’s strategy of emailing an important file to myself. The beauty of the email strategy, apart from another backup, is that you even have a proof of date for your writing or documents.
    But still there is not much worse than the blue screen of death, unless it is the black screen of death. Hope your computer feels better soon!

  9. Thanks for the reminder that since I’m on holidays I’ve got plenty of time to back up.. Must be the week for tech disasters – hope it all goes well.

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