Not a running disaster, thank goodness, but almost as bad.  Last night I went online to check my emails before and got a Blue Screen of Death.  The laptop shut down and now I can’t get it to work.  It starts up then I get a “operating system not found” error and it doesn’t get any further.  I’m pretty sure something’s dodgy with the hard drive.

Okay, now for the totally sucky part – I bought the laptop just before the end of the financial year.  It had a three month warranty.  That’s right – the warranty expired 2 days ago!  Holy crap. 

Oh yeah, and the other weekend I deleted EVERYTHING off my old computer so I could get rid of it.  I have years of work on my hard drive – I’m sure it can be retrieved but it’s going to cost $$$. 

I don’t know what to do – whether to take it back to the people I bought it from or to do somewhere else and get an impartial opinion.  Whether to just cut my losses and buy a new one (I got the laptop secondhand – reconditioned – but have had a lot of problems with it already).

PS.  I have my only soft copy of my novel on that computer.  And, yes, I know I should have made a backup but I didn’t.  That’s years of work.  Years.  I can prolly scrounge it together from emails + hard copies + bits and pieces but I don’t want to. 


7 responses to “Disaster

  1. I’d take it straight back to the people you bought it from – if you can’t go there today then at least ring them so they know when it happened. If they won’t fix or refund then they are shonks.

  2. Oh no, poor you! They are definitely shonks and need to know it’s not just a financial stress but a personal disaster. And after you’ve done that, maybe you should also get an impartial opinion. I really feel for you kathryn

  3. Oh, that’s horrible! I hope you can sort it out and they can save your work.

  4. OH.MY.GOD.
    Kathryn have you had a few stiff g&ts to calm your nerves?
    If the only way you can get your novel back is pay big $$$ then I’ll happily chip in a few bucks.
    chin up – let us know what these purveyors of shink come up with (HUGS)

  5. Yep, I’d definitely be making a phone call to the people that you bought it from.

    If they are a reputable dealer then they should be willing to help you get all your stuff back!

  6. Oh no oh nooooooooooooo no that sucks balls. i’m sorry comrade 😦

  7. That’s awful! Hope you get your stuff back off the machine.

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