I ended up having a very quiet weekend.  Went in for a massage Saturday morning then met my sister to go to the pub to watch the footy.  We got to the pub, had a drink and decided everyone was really giving us the shits so we left and got home in time to watch the game in peace and quiet.  I ended up sleeping through most of the last half so good thing I was at home!

Saturday night we went to see Hairspray.  Mostly I enjoyed it but thought the whole John Travolta as the mother thing was really tacky — lets dress someone up as a woman and put them in a fat suit for a cheap laugh.  Plus the face makeup was totally freaky. I’ve never seen the original, which is surprising because I’ve seen every other John Waters film, but I can imagine Divine being much better in the role.

Yesterday I went to Lululemon to get some new running gear.  Ended up with a running skirt which is really cute plus a long sleeved top (I tried on a heap of singlet tops but they all looked awful) plus a new running bra.  I didn’t end up getting out for a run so am planning to head out tonight to test it all 🙂

Then I ended up napping for most of the day – I’m not sure why I’m so tired, thinking I’m getting a cold but I refuse to. 

I’m getting stressed at the moment – it’s 6 days to the half marathon and so much could go wrong:

* I could get injured

* I could fall over and hurt myself

* I could get sick

* my feet could swell up and not fit in my running shoes

* the weather could be really cold

* the weather could be really hot

* I could get abducted by aliens…

It’s like nothing I do this week will help but there is so much I can do that will harm me.  Where’s that cotton wool?  I felt so prepared a month ago but, with injuries and dramas since then, feel totally unprepared now.


7 responses to “Weekend

  1. “What if the sky doesn’t fall? What if it’s wonderful tomorrow?”

    That’s Frances Maye, not me!

  2. Don’t worry darl, I will be there screaming encouragment at the Cr cheersquad at the bottom of Fitzroy St – and you’re meant to feel a bit sick with trepidation. You will BLITZ this (if the aliens don’t get you)

  3. I promise you that u will not get abducted by Aliens!

  4. Hey, I saw a ghost on Saturday, so aliens wouldn’t surprise me.

    I’ll be interested to hear what you think of your running skirt. I bought one a few weeks back but it hasn’t been warm enough in the mornings here in Canberra for me to try it.

  5. Maybe the aliens will implant you with roadrunner rockets in your feet (and weather-proofing) and you will come first in the race and spawn speedy alien babies at the finish line.

    At least you’ll have a cute outfit to wear.

    Yeah, I liked the old Hairspray, so I haven’t been that interested in seeing the new one – especially because JT does look so creepy and unnatural in that suit.

  6. The running skirt sounds fab!

    I’m a fan of the old Hairspray, and most John Waters films! I feel weird about watching the new one, John Travolta in drag just doesn’t seem right to me.

    Hope you’re not coming down with something, that would suck. Alien abduction sounds preferable to all the other things that could happen.

  7. Getting abducted by Aliens *could* be cool though. You do realise you are putting all this coulda stuff out to the universe. It might just happen so you better do a post on the reverse LOL.

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