I ran home from the gym today – nothing unusual about that esp since it’s only 1-2 km from home – except that it’s the first time I’ve ever ran with a bag.  I had this idea that I couldn’t run while I was carrying anything.  I think I could this idea because Simon said he couldn’t.  Curse him, he thinks he can boss everyone just because Simon Says.

I thought I’d try it out for myself and challenge my preconceived limitation, and I can totally do it.  That rocks.  I had my sling style gym bag so I had to stop and adjust the velcro strap so it didn’t move around so much but other than that, it wasn’t a problem.  Sure it’s easier to run without it but it’s no biggie.  Now if I have to go into the city or if I start working closer to home (cos I sure as hell aint running 30 kms to work), I know I can run with a bag.

Okay, I have a big decision to make about this weekend – where to go to watch the grand final.  We’ve been interviewing a few pubs, seeing what they have on offer, but have yet to settle on one.  The bar around the corner has a huge screen TV but they are charging $1 for sausages – good luck with that when every other pub has a free bbq – and the staff are surly.  Two pubs up the road have free bbqs and good beer specials but one of them is always filled with Collingwood supporters and I’m not sure what the TV is like at the other one.  I’m sure last year some of the pubs had half time footy trivia quizzes – I’d put good money on my sister in that.

I’m off to yoga now – so much for taking an easy week.


7 responses to “Thursday

  1. I am thinking about running with a bum bag when I do the 10km MM. I need to take a few bits and pieces and I don’t think I can be bothered checking it in on the day.

    I am so excited about Grand Final day. We have decorated the house and everything 😆

    Have a great Yoga session 🙂

  2. I would go to the pub with the big TV and the $1 sausages, just cos I reckon there wouldn’t be as many people there and queues at the bar and the loo would be shorter.
    BRIONY’S TIP: If you want to meet men, sit at a table on the way to the men’s loo, they have to walk past you a lot and you can make eye contact with them on the way out, or offer to hold their beer/dick on the way in.!!!! PML hahahahaha – damn i’m funny, i’m seriously snorting my head off laughing! ;0)

  3. I’ve often thought of running with a backpack but thought it was all too hard. Perhaps it’s the type of backpack. I want to stop cycling to work eventually and run instead. It’s only about 5km, but would mean carrying a backpack. Hmmmm you’ve given me something to think about.

    Grand final? What grand final??

  4. Go to the one with the best TV.

    I need a social life 😦

  5. yep tv..which is the one all the cwood supporters go to! ive yet to decide on my venue du jour!

  6. Have fun tomorrow whichever one you choose 😉

  7. I bought a running backpack yesterday from Rebel Sport at Highpoint. (It’s my favourite shopping centre – not sure why you don’t like it.) I want the backpack for my run to work. It has a strap across my chest and another across my waist, so it should stay in place. I’m looking forward to trying it out.

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