So today I was going through my diary and realised that the half marathon is NEXT WEEKEND!  Oh my dog!  When I read that I had an unfamiliar feeling in my gut so I pulled it out and examined it (not literally because yuck).  It wasn’t fear or trepidation or panic.  Nope, it was excitement.  Who’d have thought?  I’ve been so busy thinking about all the things that are going wrong and all the things that could possibly go wrong between now and next weekend that I’d forgotten the fun part of it.

I’m going to buy a new running top this weekend so I have time to try it out beforehand.  I’m particularly motivated cos I saw the photos of me from the Spring into Shape run.  I look like a dog.  A big, fat dog.  Seriously.  A big, fat red-faced dog.  I’m not linking to them cos I LOOK LIKE A DOG.  I’m also getting a massage on the weekend – fitting it in before the grand final.

Other than that, things are normal.  My contract at work is never going to end.  I’m never going to get to Apollo Bay.  If I don’t finish soon, I’ll have to start looking for another job the minute my contract ends because if I’m not working by November then I’ll not get any work until Feburary — no one puts on contractors over Christmas.  Although 3 months off work could be okay… mmm… sun, beach, lolling around…


7 responses to “Wednesday

  1. Hi, I checked out the photos today and it was your fabulous purple tights that I saw. If only I’d known it was you! Mind you, I did think “Kathryn would like those tights – they have personality” but I never seriously considered that it was you.

    Enjoy the excitement. I’m looking forward to hearing all about your run.

  2. i love reading on kathy’s blog..someone had cool pants on…. and it turned out to be you

  3. When I saw you had written that the MM was next week-end, I thought no, thats not right and then I saw the date and thought, YIKES!!! It is flipping exciting 🙂

    Pmsl at your red face comment as I am seriously thinking of wearing a sports foundation. My face is always as red as a beetroot at the end of races, in fact come to think of it, on training runs as well. Its just damn well embarrassing, lol!!

  4. If you get time off you could maybe go visit some of your friends from other states and spend some time hanging out at their new house with them!! HINT HINT !!

  5. excited about a marathon? who woulda thunk that a few years ago!

  6. Mind you tell us what you’re wearing so I can look out for you from the CR cheersquad

  7. Next weekend already! I was checking out new running gear out at Kathmandu at lunch. Didn’t know they did all that kind of stuff too. # months off could be nice. Very nice indeedy 🙂

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