Just a quick update cos I went for my run – at Princes Park – and did an easy 9 kms 🙂  Yes, easy… prolly the best run I’ve had in the past 2-3 weeks.  It’s a real confidence boost.


7 responses to “Yahs!

  1. Wow, 9km! thats excellent – u must be stoked!

  2. Way to go Kathryn. Lol at the fashion commentary.

  3. You are the most awesome person of awesomeness that exists on this not so awesome planet!!

  4. I know this is a bit of an ask) if you know anyone AT ALL who suffers from chronic pain could you ask them if they’d mind filling out some questionnaires (anonymous) to help with my reserarch? I wouldn’t ask except I’m desperately scrounging for subjects! See you on the 7th – I’m on the CR cheersquad at the bottom of Fitzroy St so make sure you say hi!

  5. great work on hte 9km..woohoo

  6. I am hoping for one of those runs in the morning. I am sure everyone has their rhyming slang moments with Punt Road- I swear I spent most of 1998 sitting in traffic on that evil road.

  7. Nothing like a great run to boost the happy juices !

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