Running Pains

Tonight I’m going for a run with my running buddy, Simon.  Every week we have the same argument – he wants to go to the Tan and I want to go to Princes Park.  The Tan is on his way home from work so it’s easier for him but, since I finish work earlier than he does, I have to go home then drive to the Tan… down Punt Rd.  I’d rather stick rusty needles in my eyes than drive down Punt Rd.  I’d rather eat rancid custard, I’d rather… you get the drift.  It is the most insane road in the world.  I’d go via the backstreets and avoid it altogether if I thought my car could jump, Dukes of Hazzard style, across the Yarra.

We really, really need to find somewhere else to go running.  Like Princes Park 😀


4 responses to “Running Pains

  1. You’ll be running from mad footy fans if they find you – how dare you say that about the beautiful girls attending the Brownlow.

  2. HA!! Does Simon read your blog?? Perhaps he should!!
    Hope you had a nice ruN!

  3. Dont you mean C*nt Road???? I love how you’ve become a footy expert – the Brownlow girls sure skanked it up this year I thought. Why would Sheedy’s daughter dress like that knowing she’s going to be on TV? I don’t care how fat or skinny someone is but just dress to suit already. Don’t even get me started on Lance Whitnall’s wife..

    ps. haven’t forgotton that phone number just waiting to get it still 🙂

  4. Tan: hills
    PP: flat
    I rest my case

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