Went to the gym tonight then the supermarket so I have food – yahs!  I’d cut my gym time down cos my landlord was coming over (not my actual landlord, the daughter who collects the rent – I call her the rent girl).  She cracked the shits about me being late – cos you know I should order my life around her, and about other stuff so I cracked it about this house being a hovel and told her to STFU and if she wanted to do shit, she could go through the legal channels.  What a ho, making us miss the Brownlow.

Okay so we would have been home on time if we’d not hung around the gym watching the skanks arrive for the Brownlow, but who can resist badly dressed skanks?  This is my fashion tip just in case you are ever  invited to the Brownlow medal count – if the only chance you have of being seen is when you are walking down the red carpet, don’t wear a red dress.  That goes doubly when your bleached blonde hair is the same colour as the wood behind you.  Oh and Chelsea Sheedy, your outfit would shame Britney.  Rebecca looked lovely though.

I can’t believe I even watched the Brownlow.  Or cared.  Football, it’s awfully addictive.

Thanks for all the supportive comments re the half.  It really helps.

I’m not sure about going to Iron Maiden now – the tickets are $150.  That’s a lot of money.


4 responses to “Monday

  1. Nothing like a good laugh at other people’s fashion clangers!

  2. Those kind of girls always make me laugh when I see the “serious” pout going on. It’s even funnier when chicks have obviously all been going to the same plastic surgeon too (more so in America). Notice how some of these chicks have miraculously bigger tits this year too?

    $150 for Iron Maiden! You’d really want to see them to pay that. I won’t even pay for my favourites if it’s over $100. I get more out of listening to a CD if it’s a big concert. Sad, but true.

  3. i love picking on peope’s clothes..its a sport unto itself!

  4. You really have to love a band to go to their concerts these days don’t you! I have “nearly” gone to a few concerts over the last couple of years, then backed out due to the cost when it comes to ticket release day!

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