Went for a run today – not 14 km like I intended, more like 6-7 km.  Simon and I were both weak today.  Me from just general weakness and Simon because he was very naughty last night.  It didn’t help that I kept collapsing from laughter at Simon’s stories about his naughtiness!

When we started running, I’d almost convinced myself that I’m going to only do 10 km instead of the half marathon, almost talked myself into it, then I had flash – I CAN do the half.  I think most of my worries stem from negative thinking – my own plus my physio then other people telling me to be careful – blah, blah, blah.  The more I’ve been thinking I can’t do it, the worse my running has become over the past few weeks.

It was crazy, busy at Princes Park today because of the VFL grand final (and yikes, I not only knew it was on but knew who was playing – my increasing football knowledge scares me.  I don’t yet know who won though).  After the run, I wanted to pick up my PS2 from Andrew then go to the supermarket.  Well, that proved impossible – and this will only make sense if you know the Northern suburbs of Melbourne – since there was a music festival on in High St and the Bell St-Plenty Rd intersection was closed.  I got to Andrew’s okay, albeit slowly but the only supermarkets I could get near were the ones in Preston.  Since the Northern footy league had their grand final (I’m assuming since it was so insane), you couldn’t park anywhere near those supermarkets.

My only option was the one on Smith St and I refuse to go there so the supermarketing can wait for another day.  What kind of morons agree to having 2 footy grand finals, a music festival blocking a major street and some other crap blocking a major intersection on the same day?  It makes my head explode.


7 responses to “Sunday

  1. Yeah, my son came home REALLY grumpy, since her works on Bell St near Plenty Rd and business was slo-o-o-w – which meant he didn’t make much commission.

    Kathryn, if you think you can do it, go for the half….what have you got to lose?

  2. if you are anything like me when someone left their ps2 and guitar hero here for a weekend one time, then by the time you pick that game up you will not have to worry about lack of access to supermarkets, or dodgy targe dresses.
    that guitar hero game is such fun!
    And that was a very funny but true comment you made the other day about who can feel down when iron maiden is coming to town. i am not getting a ticket myself, but the vibe around the place is so up from those who are going.

    hope you have lots of fun with teh guitar hero-ine.

  3. Negative self talk is a killer, isn’t it?

    I am sure you can do it Kathryn, you just have to get your head in the right space. Is it to early to ease up on training and maybe x-train? Surely you have the km’s in your legs by now. You have been gun training 🙂

    Repeat after me, I AM a Half-Marathon runner 😀

  4. Damn.. Lost my comment.. But went along the lines of.

    6-7 kms is great. Better than nothing and a good lead up to the half.

    Whooot the AFL final is next weekend and my beloved Port Power are in it. Commiserations to CKK and Linda for the loss of their Magpies.

    Have a brilliant week 😀

  5. Geelong won.
    Mate, I did my first half on far less preparation than you, it was a disaster but one of the proudest days of my life! You will totally ROMP it in UNLESS you sabotage your own joy by deciding you won’t be happy if you don’t do a particular time. 21.1 km is a huge achievement and you’ve earned it

  6. You CAN do the half, just take it easy, go at your own pace and enjoy the great course they have mapped out, I am doing the 10Km so I’ll see you at the finish 🙂

  7. I know you can do a half marathon. It’s up to you when you make it official. 🙂

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