Last night I’d planned to go for a run after work, but ended up at my fave cafe for a coffee and not getting home for 6 hours (when they chucked us out so they could close — well actually they had closed, they kicked us out so they could go to bed).   We’d also planned to go see Stardust at the movies but obviously didn’t make it.

I did manage a run this morning, a lousy awful run of 4 kms (and had to walk some of that).  I decided to ditch my usual 5 km around the block run cos I’m bored shitless with it and go along the Merri Creek trail instead and, since it’s all concrete bike paths, I really didn’t want to push it and hurt my leg/glute any more.

After that, I went out for brunch (well I had to get away from the horribly addictive music quiz on facebook) at the same cafe.  Then we had a plan – into the city to buy my dress from Target (I’ve been to two suburban stores this week and neither had it), buy a book I wanted from Borders and go to the movies.

Well the dress looked all kinds of shit – it was that horrible, cheap, thin t-shirt fabric and clung in the wrong places; Borders didn’t have the book I wanted and my sister felt really sick so we skipped the movie.  I thought I could salvage something out of the trip by buying Singstar but EB had their EFTPOS machine down and I didn’t have enough cash on me!

Oh well, we got a few chuckles out of it and things have to start going to plan tomorrow 😀


2 responses to “Plans?

  1. Wow – one of those days, eh?

    Are you going to check out the High Vibes festival today? I’m just about to head out there with some of my neighbours, so if you’re there maybe I’ll see ya round the ‘hood!

    Is that music quiz the lyrics one? I just joined Facebook yesterday on my cousins’ invite and found that lyrics quiz and couldn’t tear myself away. Ridiculous!

  2. Was it raining as well??
    sounds like nothing went quite right but never mind!

    Hope tomorrow is a better day

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