My Baby’s So Vain…

Sometimes I think that despite losing weight, I’ve not changed at all in the important things – how I perceive myself and my whole self-image, then something happens that makes me realise that I’ve definitely had some healthy shifts in attitude.

The other day we passed a sign for a gym in my area and their big selling point was “No Mirrors”.  The old me would have been all – “yahs!  gym with no mirrors.”  On certain days, when the moon is right and the stars align, I might even have thought ‘No, how can I check out my makeup*/hair/legs?’  But instead of all these appearance-focussed thoughts, my initial reaction was ‘OMG, that’s so wrong!  How can you do weights properly if you can’t check your form?  That’s just plain dangerous.’

A small but pivotal change, I think.

 * I NEVER wear makeup to the gym, well not on purpose anyways.  Sometimes I have incidental work makeup and that’s embarassing enough.


I’m going to see Stardust tonight (after a run cos I was too lazy to go before work).  The rest of the weekend – well I’ve decided the month of ME needs to focus on creating a better living space this weekend. 

  • I’m getting rid of all the stuff I don’t need – either throwing things out or taking them to my storage space – and rearranging furniture. 
  • I want to create a really nice area for doing weights & yoga at home.  I’ve finally got my dvd player working on my laptop so I can use my yoga dvds.
  • I’m going to “Spring” things up – make the room more open and breezy.  I put nice summery bed linen on the bed last week and that made me very happy, a few weeks ago I ruthlessly weeded out my underwear drawer.  This weekend I’m going to put more time into doing stuff like that.  I really need to go through my wardrobe.  Hell, I might even clean out the fridge.

After that, I want to focus the rest of my month of ME on making me beautiful.  Does anyone know anything about tattoo makeup?  I have sparse spots on my eyebrows and have been considering it to save drawing them on (I’m not, as a certain friend suggested, thinking of anchors or love hearts – not on the brows anyway).


10 responses to “My Baby’s So Vain…

  1. Hey, I’m a bit of a lurker 🙂

    Re: tattoo makeup. I’ve got my eyeliner tattooed on – had it done for about 5 years now. Love it! Haven’t ever once regretted it.

  2. I’ve totally changed my attitude to mirrors in the gym too. The right form is so important. And if I happen to notice that my calves look hot or my arms are really toned .. well .. innocent shrug.

    Your month of me sounds like a fabulous idea. I’m going to borrow it when your month is over.

  3. Have to agree with you on the mirrors at the gym.

    You know it is amazing how cluttered your place can get in such a short time. We have only been here in our new place 5months and I already feel as though we need to get a throw out happening. It always makes me feel so much better after itis done. I also love making “me” spaces although they don’t last long around this household 😆

  4. Kathryn – I’ve a girlfriend with lip liner, eyebrows and eyeliner tattooed on. Do u want me to get details? She lives not far from you so may have a local she can recommend.

  5. Mirrors are weird but you just get used to them. Definitely helps to work on your form.

    Great idea about clearing up your space, it’ll make you feel so much better too. I hate doing yoga when bits stick to your hands and feet which you’ve walked onto the mat.

    I never thought of tattoo makeup before. I have to colour in my brows too. Let us know what you decide. Surprisingly I don’t think I would ever do the eyeline or lipline but eyebrows, maybe. Have you seen what the chick from Dresden Dolls does with hers? Not tattooed but she draws some great designs.

    Enjoy your weekend hon! x

  6. Ahhh, a spring clean is good for what ails you, I think I am due for one. In fact I am off to Kmart for some new curtains to “gusey” up the lounge 😆

    How about getting your eyebrows done like the chick from the Dresden Dolls, that looks way cool!

  7. I’m agreeing with you about mirrors in the gym, you need to be able to check your form. Plus it was in the gym mirror I first noticed my collarbones lol

    i always have my makeup from day at work on at the gym, tho its only eyemakup so i don’t teld to melt

  8. Gym – what’s that? hehehe
    I really need to do some cleaning out to but I figure i’ll do it when I move, and just leave all the shit here! bwooharhar ;0)

  9. Gym – what’s that? hehehe
    I really need to do some cleaning out too but I figure i’ll do it when I move, and just leave all the shit here! bwooharhar ;0)

  10. I could never go to a gym without mirrors. Bugger correct form, how could I check out my fabulous biceps? 😉

    Ooh, I cleaned the fridge out when we moved, and I scrubbed it all shiny and then used that vanilla fridge wipe stuff on it – it’s sensational!

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