You know what is awesome?  My son is giving me his PS2 for my birthday.  He loaned it to me a while ago and I got hooked on Guitar Hero and then he took it back and I was very sad, but now he’s giving it to me for keeps.  I’m going to get Singstar on the weekend.  Ha ha, my housemates are going to suffer!

He also told me that Rage Against the Machine have announced their tour.  Since they are playing Jan 30th, it’s almost certain they will play the Big Day Out so I’ll go see them there rather than their side show.  I can’t wait — what am I going to wear?

I feel sick from eating too much today.  I’ve been on a bit of a carb bender, god knows why.  I haven’t even wanted to eat but just hit that wall and broke through it… well eaten through it, I guess.

I got home from work tonight and went straight to bed, suffering from exhaustion.  There is something definitely wrong with me – all I want to do is sleep.  I woke up in time to go to yoga though.  I did think about skipping it but I missed the class last week due to going to dinner.  My yoga teacher does some kind of Bowen therapy to fix up muscle imbalances and stuff like that so I talked to her about it.  She said to definitely wait until after the half marathon, which makes sense.

Tomorrow I can go for a short run – woohoo!


4 responses to “Rocks

  1. Good news! Sing away diva Kathryn 🙂
    The bad carbs/sleep fairy must be cruising the northern suburbs as she has handed me out a dose as well 😦
    OMG only 3 months to plan what to wear for the big day out however will you cope 😛

  2. We have Singstar and it’s so much fun. Luckily I know all the songs and I beat my daughter every time as she doesn’t know most of the songs.

    I’m going to download them all so that she can listen to them and then she’ll probably beat me every time 🙄

  3. I went to Big Day Out 2 years ago. Slipnot & System of the Down performed so there were quite a few goths there. A girl near me wore black tights, doc martins & a lovely red ballet skirt. I wanted that outfit bad, it would have looked so good on me, being 48yrs old and quite chubby then. Everyone would have remembered me. lol

    Rage Against the Machine huh? Looks like I might be buying tickets.

    Don’t wear those sexy black shoes they would get ruined.
    Do wear blockout and some good foundation.

  4. Guitar Hero rocks!! My son has number 2 and we fight over who is going to play it 😆

    Hope you had an awesome run today 🙂

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