Oh Yeah, Life Goes On…

I’m feeling much perkier today – who can feel sad when Iron Maiden are touring?  Not me, that’s for sure. 

Just to clarify, I will be running the Half, I think my physio is just being overly cautious.  She’s normally a good physio and is very excellent at the touching part (that sounds vaguely rude, but you know what I mean). 

The plan is basically the same as it ever was – to take it easier for the next few weeks, run the half then cut back a bit on the running.  I have other things to concentrate on like Go-Go 🙂 and do some more cross training for a while. 

Personally I think I’m only at the beginning of my awesomeness.  Like a wise man once said: “You live for the fight when that’s all that you’ve got” 😀

8 responses to “Oh Yeah, Life Goes On…

  1. Please tell me it wasn’t Rocky Balboa who said that! hahahahaha

  2. sometimes physios are very cautious..especially the non running ones.. i do a bit of the same about boys..when it doesnt work out i tend to think..what is wrong with me ..rather than…they would have been lucky…lol.. silly boys..

  3. wo wo you’re half way there
    wo wo living on a prayer
    mmmmmmmmmmm Jon Bon Jovi mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  4. Sounds good Kathryn 🙂

  5. Great positive post!! Congrats on biting the HM bullet! Will this be your first? I am super dooper impressed. If it’s true that most of a HM is a mental battle – then you will not have a problem!!!

  6. I was told my running was awesome today as I was powering up the hill for the nth time. Thank goodness your physio wasn’t watching me. I’m sure she’d think I was entirely the wrong person to be running, let alone powering up hills.

    Good on you for choosing to do the half. I wish you every success with the rest of your preparation and with the run on the day.

  7. Run to the hiiiiiiiiiiills, baby!

  8. Haha…Iron Maiden! Gotta get some old tracks out of hiding 😉

    Glad you can still do the half! I can imagine how you feel about the running. When I started running and it stuffed my knee around so I couldn’t do yoga for a couple of days, I freaked! Obviously, it was on a much smaller scale but I was thinking, what if I can never do yoga again? It would suck. So yep, keep an eye on it. Maybe even get a second opinion just to make sure. Can you find a physio who is a runner? Would that make a difference to your treatment? My anatomy teacher does yoga and I find that really helps because she is able to understand and explain exactly what is going on with the specific moves.

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