I went to the physio this morning – she said that I might have reached my physical limit with running and that I wouldn’t be able to improve without continuing to injure myself.  She also said she couldn’t guarantee that I would be able to do the half marathon.

 She said some more stuff after that but I don’t remember much because I was lying on the treatment table sulking (she’d told me to, I hadn’t flung myself on there in a hissy fit or anything).  It was only later that I realised she’d said her own running limitation was 5 kms before her lungs pack it in… if I’d been paying attention, I’d have told her to quit smoking (ha ha).

I don’t know that I accept the whole bit of reaching my limitations with running.  Her actual words were ‘for yor age and flexibility’ so that means if my flexibility increases, I can do more without injury, right?  Also if I lose weight, that’s gotta help.  And how much can you listen to someone who can’t push themselves past 5 kms?  I mean she’s a great physio but 5 km… hurrrumph!

Later she asked me about my training and I said I’d run 21 kms about 2 weeks ago with no problems so she thought I could do the half.  Yahs!  She actually said she’d thought I’d not make the City to Surf and I did.

I can’t run tonight but I can walk tomorrow and do a short run on Friday.  Then on Sunday I can do a long run.  I think I should have got clarification on “short” cos I’m thinking 5 kms.  That should be okay.  She did say 14 kms max for the long run – I want to do 20-21 kms but I’d rather do less and be okay for the big day.  I’d not planned to do anything long after this weekend anyway so am fine and dandy with that.

I’ve got to go back next week then again after the half – and I take her saying that as total consent for me to run.  After all, I’ve paid my money and got my tee-shirt. 


While waited at the doctors, I read a magazine (like you do at the doctors) and there was an article on the 5 factor diet.  Now I’m totally sceptical about “Hollywood” diets and all that crap.  I’m totally not into meal plans and being told if this is Tuesday then you’re eating liver.  But this diet is based around 5 small, nutrionally balanced meals containing 5 ingredients that take 5 mins to prepare.  Sounds good to me.  I’m buying the book because I figure I don’t need to follow the plan but having some quick and easy recipes might get me into the kitchen a lot more.

Just to digress a bit, we were having brunch the other day and the cafe owner bought us out a magazine because we’d been complaining about having read the same 2 issues of Cleo every time we go there.  He said it had good recipes and asked if we cooked.  Yeah, if we cooked, we wouldn’t be in his cafe for every meal!


Had another internet date cancel tonight.  What’s with me?  I think this is a genuine cancellation though… and it means I can go to Target tonight.  I saw a dress I want and, I don’t care what anyone says, I’m not too old to buy stuff from the Veronicas Collection. 

I also want to go to Susann’s.  They have very cute ’50s style sleepwear.


Finally, I have one thought that has kept me going through the last few bleak days — at least I’m not Britney Spears.


10 responses to “Zoinks!

  1. I reckon do the HM with a loooong taper, and then get a better physio (I couldn’t recommend mine more highly and he is quite nice looking too).
    Sussan has some gorrrrrrrrrrrgeous pjs lately.
    I think we’re all glad we’re not Britney.

  2. I’m going to read further back in your blog, but why does your doctor feel you’re ‘reach your limit’? Do you have reduced lung function? I’m just curious, since I’m training for my first 5k…

  3. Good one with the Shitney comment! hahahahaha

  4. I agree with the comment above, I’d be looking for a new physio too, or at least getting a second opinion – it sounds like a very negative thing to say.

    It sounds to me like you’ve done enough long runs to survive the HM okay, so I’d be just keeping the legs moving a bit, and enjoying the day!

  5. If you was Britney you wouldn’t have figured out how to turn on the computer yet.

    You’re not too old for the Veronica Collection. Hey I’ve been wearing my daughter’s hand me downs since the time she worked for Just Jeans (she was 16). I wish she’d stop working at a patisserie & go back to a jeans shop.

  6. Perhaps a quotation or two for your physio.

    Elbert Hubbard: “In these days, a man who says a thing cannot be done is quite apt to be interrupted by some idiot doing it.”

    Arthur Schopenhauer: “Every person takes the limits of their own field of vision for the limits of the world.”

  7. Try not to overdo things in the next few days – who knows, maybe you WILL make the half! Stranger things have been known to happen.

    As for poor Britney – WHO thought it was a good idea for her to wear that outfit? Sheesh!

  8. Just think about all the people who have been told that they’ll never walk again and then do. I would be getting a second opinion as well, maybe you just need to warm up/cool down in a different way, try more stretching?

  9. How bloody depressing to hear your physio say that to you 😦 You will definitely complete the half!!

    How many days do you run a week Kathryn?? I will probably always stick to three runs a week due to my niggles but I am definitely going to start x-training abit more, even if it is only on my spin bike at home or god forbid a walk!!

    Love your take on clothing, I always wander around aimlessly never knowing which is my age group shop to shop in and always come home empty handed 😦

  10. LMAO – At least you’re not Britney Spears. Indeed you’re not.

    I read that article on the 5 ingredient plan and I actually thought it made a lot of sense. Not so much a fad but a rethinking of a balanced diet made to fit a busy life. I am going to check the book out myself.

    And I think perhaps you need to branch out with your physio. Perhaps find one that is trained in sports medicine as they tend to be runners or athletes of some description and may be able to encourage you rather than cut you down..

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