Moody McGrumpsalot

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, guys.  It’s fantastic to get so much birthday love 😀

Woke up this morning thinking I really, really didn’t want to go for a run and trying to motivate myself then I realised that I really don’t have to go running if I don’t want to – bad attitude, huh?  I feel like I’ve lost my running mojo lately and that worries me.  Maybe part of it is that I feel like I HAVE to do all this running before the half marathon and that takes all the fun out of it.  Luckily I will start tapering after Friday’s long run.  The other problem is that I’m getting the Fear… fear of getting injured and of injuries getting worse.

And I’m just generally tired and grumpy today.

I’ve had a shitful day, full of small annoyances and other crapola.  Then the internet date guy cancelled for tonight – he’s got too many women apparently.  The logical part of my brain isn’t fussed – I hardly know the guy, have only exchanged a couple of emails with him, but the paranoid delusional part of my brain is saying that this is just another example of how I’m not good enough and I get a big “F” for failed yet again.  Then again, as a wise man once said – all relationships end in death or desertion – so maybe I’ve just got in early.

Maybe I should try sending positive vibes out into the universe or some crap like that.  I dunno…  the only thing I want to send out is a whole string of zzzzzzzz….

I’ll be back tomorrow with a whole new mood in the rainbow of my life 🙂


5 responses to “Moody McGrumpsalot

  1. I was talking to you all day and I didn’t know you were in a bad mood!?!?!? Sheesh, i’m losing it. Hope you feel more sunny tomorrow! haha
    About the RSVP dude, like I said his loss and he’s probably a closet Barry Manilow fan anyway. Bleuch!

  2. You do so much more running than me that I find it hard to imagine you losing your mojo. I do understand that the “have to do it” aspect of training for the half could have you feeling that way though.

    At least the internet guy cancelled as opposed to not showing up. Write him down as practice and move on. There’ll be some great guys out there for you. Have fun finding them.

  3. A belated happy birthday to ms.mcgrumpsalot, sounds like you had a lot of fun!!!!

    Don’t worry about internet boy, there are another 500,000 to pick from just on that one very well known site itself, so get searching or just sit back and wait for them to contact you and then YOU can decide if you are into them!

    I have had some classic internet dating sagas from the indian guy who said “i do not like it when i get the feeling that women wish to be with me just because they wish to experience an exotic man” (ok i felt a bit guilty then…) to the bikie who had a pet poodle called paris, to the guy i had HUGE connection to over 60 long emails and in person NOTHING, not to mention a very well known (alleged)criminal- yep i had some special ones but kept pluggin’ away, now i THINK i may have met “the one” and yes…on the net. I know both a wedding reception manager and a marriage celebrant who say they have MASSIVE amount of internet weddings, so as i said- keep pluggin’ away!!!!- or other option a friend of mine once said “just be who you are, do what you love and the rest will follow if and when it is meant to…” – i kind of liked that one…

  4. There was a time when i dated, and to keep my spirits up i always had plan B. If i was going on a date, and it cancelled or was terrible, i made sure i had plans for later that night or one night soon with friends. Sounds like you might be doing the same with having a few extra outings with friends lately.
    The reverse happened to me once, i started dating a guy i liked, adn this lovely guy who used to call into my work occasionally expressed his interest out of the blue with a love card, but i told him i had just started dating someone else. he acted very hurt, saying why do women always reject him, that he had been rejected by his family childhood, felt like a reject and now me rejecting him, and then 3 weeks later, when i realized the first guy and i did not really click, the gorgeous interested guy had disappeared never to call into my work again. i always wonder back and wish i had got his phone number at the time. he was the hypersensitive type, but so am i, and i can never know now what might have been.

    Dating takes a bit of courage, but i always remember that a lot of guys get scared of rejection too. you never really know if he cancelled cos his ex rang up and left him too depressed to go out, or maybe another date went badly and he just did not have the confidence to go out again just yet. or he could be a creep and the universe kept him busy so you could avoid him!

    hope it improves!

  5. Don’t take the RSVP guy personally! You’re not a failure hon so just get out there and have fun with it. There’s no formula to life and we can’t let the set backs set us right back. I reckon keep going along to those Burleque nights. Boys into the whole Varga thing are HOT!

    I understand about losing your “mojo”. I lost it with yoga their for a bit but it does come back. You’ve had a few injuries lately but just keep making sure you’re giving yourself enough time to actually heal and then get back into it. With injuries, I think you’re on top of it. You see specialists to make sure it’s not getting out of hand. How many people don’t! Don’t be scared.

    Hope you feel better!

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