Birthday and Burlesque

The burlesque show last night was all colours of the awesome rainbow.  One of the best night’s entertainment I can remember.  My favourite performer was a girl who came out and did a hula hoop routine on the bar.  She was so tiny and had so many hoops going at once, I thought she’d get swept completely off the bar!  Later she did a trapeze act with glitter flying everywhere.  The best bit was after each amazing stunt, she gave the crowd a look that said “oh yeah, I did that”.

Some of the other acts included a fan dancer and a balloon dancer, another awesome (male) trapeze artist and lots of sexy dancing.

You get so used to this image constantly being pushed by the media that the ideal woman is really anything but womanly – to be the “perfect” shape you have to have the body of a pre-pubescent boy.   The alternatives are to either starve yourself to an unachievable (by most) skinniness or you learn to accept your less than perfect body.  It’s so refreshing to see a show where womanly curves are celebrated unapologetically.  You can’t hootchie dance if you have nothing to shake!

We’re going back in 2 weeks time for some fire fan dancing 😀


6 responses to “Birthday and Burlesque

  1. I don’t know what hoochie dancing is, but I want to do it right now.


  3. It sounds like a lot of fun Kathryn. I saw someone carrying a stack of silver hula hoops and some mysterious black objects when we were leaving the SiS yesterday. I was remembering how much fun it was to use a hula hoop, but I don’t think I ever managed more than three on the go at one time.

  4. Sounds GREAT!! Happy birthday 🙂

  5. It is so great that I know I have something to shake when Hoochie-ing. And as coincidence should have it, I actually got the hoop out over the weekend and worked it for about half an hour. Couldn’t get the thing to stay up but a bit more practice and you may see me on a bar near you LOL.. Well more likely under the bar 🙂

  6. Oh hon, if we are down there on a Sunday, we are so coming! We love Burlesque and I used to love wearing corsets. I should bring them out of storage!! So glad you have a great time 🙂

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