I think a month of ME needs to include some rest time because I’ve run myself ragged this week. I’ve had stuff on every night after work and the tiredness is snowballing up into a huge avalanche. So, of course, instead of sleeping in this morning, I wake up at 6.30 am and go online!

Thursday night we went to Dracula’s for dinner. What a great night. Since I hate things like amateur theatre and stand up comedy, I thought the show would be really lame and bug me a lot but it really didn’t. The ghost train rocked. The food was good too. Only problem was they do a “taster plate” of cocktails – 5 mini cocktails to sample. Sounds like a great idea in theory but, unfortunately, the practice wasn’t so good. Not because we got shitfaced (they were tiny), but because we all felt a bit queasy from the mix of different boozes and mixers. To make things worse, they had a half price cocktail after the show and we couldn’t resist but it was very a creamy cocktail. Yummy – in a milkshaky kind of way but a bit sick-making.

I’d planned to take the day off work on Friday but found out late Thursday arvo I had to go in and finish some work off before the weekend. Yikes. I really didn’t want to go to work and I really didn’t want to drive to work but what can you do? Managed to finish that off by 1.00 so I could go for my run.

Simon and I planned to do a test run of the half marathon course. We parked near the MCG and I got changed. I had to realise that I can’t change my bra discreetly (or discretely) in the car! It ended up being quite a performance. We set off running and I realised I’d forgot to put my shorts on over my skins. Oh noes! Too late to go back so Melbourne was subjected to seeing wobbly bits of me.

We got to the 5 km mark with me breaking a PB – that is my whinging PB. I so wasn’t into running yesterday. Before we started even I was so tired that every little thing gave me the absolute shits. Then when I started running, my legs hurt, everything hurt. At the 5 km mark, Simon asked if I wanted to turn back and make it a 10 km run. Normally that’s when I’d get stubborn and decided I’d do it no matter what, but yesteday I decided to throw in the towel.

It made sense – the weather was shitful, my hamstrings really hurt, I was grumpy and hating every minute of it, I felt worn out still from Wednesday night’s run – but I hated not doing the full distance. The logical part of my brain can say that I need to listen to my body but it still sucks to be a quitter.

We ran back via Albert Park and decided to do a lap of the ‘G to finish. I think all up with the extra bits we did about 13-14 kms. I got home feeling physically and mentally exhausted.

Went out to dinner at our fave cafe (well I couldn’t cook in that state) and we were both a bit stupid from lack of sleep – that giggly, hysterical kind of stupid. Got home intending to sleep but ended up watching the footy. OMG I screamed myself hoarse and I never scream at the footy. West Coast were robbed!

At least I have a nice cruisy day today – got a massage booked for this arvo (and I really need it – the hamstrings are very happy I didn’t run the full 21 kms yesterday) and nothing else planned. I might go to the gym this morning but then again I mightn’t.

Lots on tomorrow – I think Simon roped me into doing the Spring into Shape run tomorrow morning – yikes! Then birthday bunch and off to watch burlesque in the early evening. Sometimes I think the thought of having all these things to do, even if I enjoy doing them, makes me feel so much tireder. I’ve got a huge ‘to-do’ list happening in my brain and it’s not getting shorter.

Oh yeah, and I’ve got two “dates” this week – not really dates because they are guys from RSVP and I figure the first meeting is not a real date but more a chance to check each other out. One of the guys seems like the kind of guy most women like – good conversationalist, sweet and considerate, wants to take me dancing – but he’s bored me every time we’ve spoken. He does have great shoulders though. The other one cracks me up with every email he’s sent me — so, of course, he’s winning 🙂 I was going to go into the whole cesspit of emotional disturbances that is me and dating but I’ll save that for another time.

ps.  I forgot to mention the wackiest thing about Thursday night.  We got home and my sis went to the bathroom.  She ran out and asked if I’d clean the toilet.  Like I had time for a quick clean between running home from work, getting changed (into a very glam outfit) and running out the door.  She told me to come have a look – the whole bathroom was gleaming and, trust me, it had been a disgrace.  I’d planned to give it a good scrub this weekend but someone beat me to it.  We have no clue how that happened – the housemates have never cleaned a thing in their lives so we figure it’s the housework fairies.


8 responses to “Busy

  1. PLEASE can I borrow your housework fairy!!!!

    I love a guy with a good sense of humour, gets me every time.

  2. Send that fairy my way! That is so cool that you get free bathroom cleaning in the month of ME- wish I had thought of that- my hands still smell like chlorine.

  3. Oh – the demands of birthday week! Wow – that all sounds pretty full-on. I am exhausted just hearing about it! But then I am one of those people who needs a lot of down time to feel sane – I don’t know how people manage to go out after work regularly. Although I do envy those who have the energy to maintain a socially adventurous lifestyle!

    Yeah, can you send those housework fairies over this way after they have done with Morseyruns? I could use a bit of fairydust to add a bit of gleam to my house.

  4. What do u mean West Coast were robbed.. haha – Go Pies!!

    Happy birthday Kathryn – have a great weekend.

  5. Ah, the perils of dating. I had a first date (ie post coffee date) last night. Now I’m wondering, if he paid for dinner should I take him to dinner and then tell him that even though he’s a good conversationalist there’s no “spark” or should I tell him that beforehand and do the let’s be friends and I’ll buy dinner? All too hard. I guess if I do the latter and he doesn’t want to take me up on dinner, I can tell my conscience that I did offer to pay for half.

    By the way, lol at the whingeing PB. Simon must be a VERY good friend.

    Glad you had a good time at Dracula’s. Happy birthday.

  6. Man I can’t wait until I can ‘only’ run 14km on a bad day. You have the HM in the BAG.
    And why do you speak of whingeing as though it was a bad thing?
    Have a great birthday 🙂

  7. I want to go to Dracula’s! Can you take me when I come down? Sounds like fun. Isn’t there a Witches one too?

    I know what you mean about having so many cool things on but the thought of them just make you tired-er. I look forward to a weekend with nothing. It’s definitely catches up with you when you go out on school nights too. I need a couple of nights off.

    So how was the Burlesque??? I hope you had a real sweet birthday hon 🙂


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