For ages, I’m talking months, I’ve tried to run 5 km under 30 minutes and just can’t do it.  Tonight Simon and I started our run at the Tan then headed down to Albert Park – he gave me a 5 minute head start on the 5 kms and I headed off determined to crack that 30 mins but almost sure Simon would kick my arse.

I got to the 2.5 km marker and could see him about half a km behind me.  Since I didn’t have my watch or any other timing device, but figured it worked out about right (if his pacing was spot on).  Around 3 km my calf started cramping.  I stopped for a drink and a stretch cos I can multitask.  Got to the 4 km marker and was still ahead.  Got the 4.5 km marker in my sights – still ahead but that bloody Simon caught me just as I passed the marker.

I was almost dying for the last half km but made it —- 29.57 mins.   I did it!


22 responses to “Pb

  1. Don’t you just love it when you crack one of those time barriers you’ve been thinking about for a while – well done K. !!!

  2. Yay you! Well done Kathryn. That’s awesoME.

  3. Congratulations – I’m jealous, I can’t run 5k under 30 minutes yet, but I will soon!

  4. Congratulations Kathryn, it’s a great achievement.

    I’m struggling to get under 30 mins at the moment!!

  5. That’s bloody awesome, fast pace that!

  6. I do 3 km in about 22 minutes (how slow is that!!!) so well done.. I am in awe.. of both your 5km in less then 30 min and your multi tasking!

  7. Yaaaaaay! That is one fantastic feeling 😀 Many, many congrats on the PB 😀 especially when you know that you’ve given it everything. I think you are going to strom that HM.

    Oh, and I love the shoes, v cute, and can’t believe that some eeeediot would think it’s alright to slag them. If you can’t say anything nice and all that…


  8. WOOOHOOOOO! Well done. Congratulations!!

  9. Fantastic!!! That’s amazing. My 30 minutes this morning was a little over 3.5!!!

  10. That’s bloodyfantastic, well done!!

  11. yay, you rock

    Well done 🙂

  12. Did ya run around in circles punching the air. Next challenge will be to outrun Simon.

  13. You’re a bloody machine!

  14. Congrats on breaking the 30 minute barrier!!! Very cool. And I just have to say how awesome those shoes are – I reckon they beat my new red ones hands-down.

    And with ankles like yours you’ll be turning heads 😉

  15. Yay! That’s so awesome. Go you!

  16. Fantastic Kathryn. You rock!

  17. Well done Kathryn, I bet that felt awesome! Maybe not for the calve though. What’s with that? Should you still be taking it easy?

  18. Sorry, I didn’t mean to be a downer! I taking anatomy classes right now and we’ve been talking a lot about injuries atm. Whoot for beating your PB!!

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