Without ME it’s just aweso!

Went to Go Go dancing tonight with Jo who is awesome (and I can’t find her blog to link her). While I was waiting, an old man in the bar told me I must be a dancer cos I’ve got great ankles. Now I’ve always thought that – my neat ankles have sustained me through many fat days – but it’s nice to have someone else notice.The Go Go class has moved to a new venue so we had free champers to celebrate! Woohoo. Then our teacher had some exciting news – we have been invited to dance at Dance-A-Thon 5000. I’m not sure what that is but I’m in. I’ve never done anything like that before but it sounds cooler than cool. I peer-group pressured Jo into signing up for it too ๐Ÿ™‚

The class was full on tonight, much more of a workout than usual but lots of fun and full of chuckles. Afterwards we stuck around to get some extra learning of the steps. I’m going to practice at home for the demo. I feel just like Donnie Darko’s sister – the one that was in Sparkle Motion!

I had dinner at home because I’ve eaten out every night for a week, then went out for coffee (well chai) and cake… bad me. We went through the show guide because I want to go to the show and buy show bags (the Wild West one with a cowboy hat and guns) and ride on scary rides and eat dagwood dogs.ย  Oh and they have diving pigs.ย  Does life get any better?


7 responses to “Without ME it’s just aweso!

  1. Diving pigs! Can I come?

  2. I thought that said “driving pigs” – I was like – WTF?? hehe
    Oh actually no i’m still like – WTF??

  3. I’ve seen those diving pigs – at the show here last year – they were FANTASTIC.. LOL. And so jealous about the dagwood dogs – they are a particular favourite of mine..

    Go you Go Go girl. The night sounded brilliant and I can’t wait to find out more about “Kathryn – star of Dance-A-Thon 5000” ๐Ÿ˜€

    And I have to say – Brilliant post title..

  4. Dadwood dogs, diving pigs and go go dancing? When I grow up I want to be you!

  5. Diving Pigs!!

    Now that I gotta see

  6. You do have great ankles.

    How is your Stroll practice going?

  7. Dance-A-Thon!? That sounds so funny and a lot of fun! So when is it?

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