I got my first ever slaggy anon comment on my blog yesterday, and what did they say?  “Ugly shoes”.   Come on, anon, that’s pretty piss weak isn’t it?  Hardly worth the effort to type it.

My contract’s been extended at work again.  That’s good for many reasons but I wished I’d known that when I was choosing between the two pairs of shoes on Sunday – I coulda had them both (no, bad… no more shoes).  I’m going to save money and, don’t know if I posted this before, but we’re off to Apollo Bay for a week after the half marathon.  Woohoo!  Just staying at the backpackers so the most expensive part of the holiday will be the petrol.

I’ve got a full, full week this week – I actually have to cancel a few things like my physio appointment (I made it thinking I’d have time to get to dinner afterwards, forgetting she’s always running late).   I actually want to eat some meals at home too since I’ve not cooked a meal in ages.  I’m tired just thinking about it and was way tired anyway.  I’d be in bed now except I had to watch Californication – how good is that show 😀


9 responses to “Stuff

  1. how gutless are anon comments? my only one so far has been ‘your blog sucks’ LOL
    Waddya mean no more shoes? Get a grip woman!

  2. Californication rocks!!! How funny was it that he stole the wrong dog AND that painting. I always stay up on a Monday to watch the show and just laugh.

    Yaay for the work extension and you’ll be able to get many more gorgeous shoes later, perhaps whilst you are holidaying – lucky thing 🙂

  3. Anon has NO taste!

  4. Anon’s just a *troll* who obviously has nothing better to do than write shitty comments. So really, we should just feel sorry for them and then just as quickly forget them.

    Good news about the contract and YAY for Apollo Bay. I just googled it and it looks gorgeous around there. Good luck with the marathon and enjoy the week!


  5. Good to hear the contract’s been extended.
    Anon hated your shoes??? Lucky anon doesn’t have to wear them then.

  6. Yay for more work, which of course equals more money, which = more shoes! 🙂

    Slaggy Anon SO needs to get a life… I have to say the shoes aren’t my cup of tea, but I still see the cuteness therein. really, one must have something to ornament and draw atention to one’s fab pins.

  7. I had an anon comment once, it was real nasty but I let it stand, though I did change my comment setting to insist on an e-mail address. I don’t give a stuff if people want to be nasty but they need to have the balls to stand by their comments.

    I liked your shoes, they were way cute, I love a chunky heel you can dance all night in them 🙂

  8. Stupid trolls. Hope there’s no more unnecessary idiotic comments like that on your blog. Such a waste of time and space!

    The break down in Apollo Bay sounds gorgeous. And that’s great news on the contract!

  9. Anon is a gutless wanker, no doubt about it.

    Californication is great isn’t it, Hank is a great character!

    Apollo Bay is one of my favourite spots – I am so envious!

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