Shoe Therapy

If you are buying shoes for therapy, you should get the most fabulous shoes ever even if they cost more than your car is worth. I heart my new shoes and I intend wearing them all the time, even when I’m running.


Front view


Side view


back view – a bit blurry but that is an awesome black and white bow on the heel! Too cute for words.


Side view -note you can take the bows off so they look more business like to wear to work. You can clip the bows on either of the straps or on the front too. These shoes are just too awesome!

We’ve had a hugely busy day – I took my laptop in to get fixed while it’s still under warranty (here’s a tip – don’t set hot pics of AFL players as your background the night before you take your laptop in to be fixed), shopping then met Tim and Simon for lunch at Vic Market then bought fruit and veg… fit the shoe shopping in around that. It was accidental shoe shopping – I was walking along Elizabeth St and saw a shop with all those cute Japanese clothes so had to go in and look…

Now I have to have a nap before meeting Simon for a run. Oh and I am supposed to call I guy I met on RSVP to organise meeting up for coffee — trouble is this week is so insanely busy, I don’t know when I can fit that in. Any other week would be fine. Arrrgghh, and I hate phoning guys. Well not even guys. I have this stupid phobia about talking to people on the phone when I haven’t met them in person. Weird, huh.

ps. buying shoes does make you happy ๐Ÿ˜€ As far as the boulder I mentioned in my previous post, I don’t think it’s something that is stopping me being happy – it’s not like my glass is empty, it’s more like the glass isn’t as big as it could be. My glass of potential is a shooter glass when I want a big-arsed tankard.

And can’t forget this –


The new hair.ย  Not a good shot since I’m wearing (new) hairclips but the rest were blurry.ย  I look so tired in that photo too.ย  But I do love the shorter hair.ย  And now I’m banning myself from shopping.


13 responses to “Shoe Therapy

  1. hey

    I have the same phone phobia! when i was doing internet dating I could send long emails to guys and text them lots but would rather meet up with them than talk on the phone. I even did not answer my phone when guys would call me and then i will text then later and say sorry could not answer I was busy.
    Have a great week with your new shoes!

  2. Fab shoes honey, I love them!!

  3. The shoes are kawaii! Very gothic lolita style, where did you pick them up from?

  4. Hey- did you get new colour as well? I love the new do. September really becomes you!

  5. Very fine shoes, but please, please don’t go running in them ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I have this image of you in the half marathon, wearing those shoes and fitting in an rsvp date.

    The phone phobia makes perfect sense to me. I much prefer talking to people I’ve met on the phone.

  7. Love the shoes and YAY to new hair! x

  8. Oh, and I hate the phone. I’d prefer to chat in person and very rarely do big emails.

  9. Love LOVE the shoes. But do have a mental picture of you tottering in them in the run with the little bows on your number LOL.

    Perhaps save them for the post run celebrations. And WOW your hair looks great.

    Spring has sprung and I am loving all this motivated attitude around the place ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love it…

  10. ummm.can you ban me from shopping while you are there

  11. Fab shoes. Ignore stupid comments. Do you remember the name of the shop where you bought them?

  12. Those shoes are terrible

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