So much going on at the moment:

  • We did a 21 km training run last night. I’d set my goal time for the half at 2.5 hrs. We took last night’s run at a very easy pace with lots of walk breaks (and toilet breaks), not wanting to push my injuried leg (and resulting decline in cardio fitness) to hard and managed the 21 ks in 2 hours and 25 mins. That is totally awesome and looks like I need to set a new goal.
  • Had planned to go to dinner then a drag show after the run but ended up at our fave cafe until after closing, hanging out with the owners and staff with bottles of champagne and cake magically appearing on the table -awesome night with many chuckles.
  • On the way to dinner, I ran into a guy from my editing class. We don’t see each other much – both being slack-arsed waggers and he asked me if I’d lost a lot of weight this year! Dude, I’ve put on weight this year – but that is totally awesome.
  • I went to the hairdressers to get my hair cut this morning. I’d not been to this hairdressers before and they were great. They made excellent coffee too which was awesome since I felt a bit seedy after the night’s champagne drinking.
  • On the way home I found some awesome ceramic latte cups for cheap in a shop so got 2 – pink for me and green for my sister. We will use them for chai and hot chocolate because we always go out for coffee (the traders of the Westgarth strip would have nightmares if we stopped).
  • As well as going to Draculas theatre restuarant for my birthday (I’ve never been to a theatre restuarant before and I think I need to try it once in my life), we’ve decided to go to the Red Door Burlesque show on my birthday night. Woohoo!
  • Also, how much does the weather rock for my birthday month? I love having a birthday in September – it’s like all of nature is coming alive to celebrate me (and M and Mary and Sarah). I especially love all the cherry blossoms. I’m crazy about them and will buy anything with cherry blossoms on it.
  • There are two awesome courses at Adult Ed I want to enrol in – hula hooping (inspired by the Sydney girls) and
    Sculpting the Perfect Body with Donna Ashton. I’d like to do Japanese as well. There was also a cupcake course but it’s about cooking them – I just want to do cupcake appreciation.

That’s about it, life is good.

ps. I forgot one other awesome thing until I read Andrew’s blog – I got my run number for the half.Β  I love getting my race kits, it makes it feel so real (also ordered a tee shirt off the site so I’m totally committed now).


13 responses to “Awesome

  1. Happy birthday- for Sunday?? I love September and I think all the other birthday months are jealous because it is just so glorious at the moment- my Japanese maples are growing leaves again and it makes me smile every day.

  2. WHOO HOO this is SO the best month in the entire universe! I love what you’re doing for your birthday too. Gotta love the whole Burlesque scene *ooh la la*.

    Life is good and I’m so glad that boulder has moved πŸ™‚


  3. Sounds like that boulder disappeared all by itself – it’s awesome to hear you so happy !

  4. Nice run, you totally need a new goal now, I reckon 2:20 πŸ™‚

  5. Woot!
    I’ll lend you my teach-yourself-Japanese tapes if you have anything old enough to play tapes LOL

  6. I love September too. When I was very young and quite self-absorbed, I was sure that God started Spring just before my birthday so that the world would be more beautiful for me.

    Love the happy uplifting nature of your blog today. Sounds like you’re in a great place at the moment Kathryn. Enjoy every moment of it.

    Fabulous result on your run. Am looking forward to the race report.

  7. well its not my bday month..but are you a virgo,cos then i can tag along πŸ™‚ you already got your goal… that rocks!!!! and hte weight thing just means you obviously look fabbo…. theyre trying to work out why..exercise makes you RADIATE!or be radiant..whateverrrrrrr

  8. ooh them classes sound goood… learning japanese rules, that way when people get tattoos with japanese words you can smugly snigger at its innaccuracy/stupidity πŸ™‚

  9. What a great post, me thinks that run did you the world of good young lady! Have a great day.

  10. Happy birthday! Wow, so many Virgos! It’s my brother’s birthday today, two more friends had their birthday in the last week.

    Everything in your post sounds brilliant. Awesome indeed! Ooh, if you learn Japanese I can teach you some words haha. Despite my learning it for a year, the only words I can rock out with absolute confidence are the swear words. I’d be right there with you on the cupcake appreciation class!

  11. Woo hoo! Happy Birthday! Your celebrations sound fantastic. And you have indeed been blessed with marvelous weather.

    Those courses sound great too – there’s so many good short courses around, but I can never decide which ones to do.

    Are you still go-go dancing?

  12. Wowee! Fantastic run! And here’s hoping your birthday is wonderful.

    P.S. On the Donna Aston thing…her diets are seriously scary – they make me want to run away screaming. :-/

  13. Happy Birthday! Personally I think October is a better month because that’s when I have a birthday. Except not this year, I may choose to forgo my birthday this year.

    I wish I had taken up the Italian Class that I was considering doing last year. Too late now.

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