My sister is within a kilo or so of my weight – I dunno how she keeps losing weight being chronically fatigued and all, but she does.  So she’s decided she’s going to get to a lower weight than me – bring it on, biatch, I say.  Even if she does weigh less than me, I’m still thinner being about a foot taller than her but that doesn’t mean I want to weigh more.

Instead of being all helpful and supportive to each other, we are full on in sabotage mode (and now I have the Beastie Boys song stuck in my head).  Last night at the supermarket, I kept telling her she deserved a packet of chips cos she’s been working so hard.  She’s been planning on planting tempting snack foods around the house.  The sabotage is backfiring though cos it just makes each of us more determined NOT to each junk.

Not that I’ll be eating much anyway, woke up sick as a dog this morning.  I’d planned to get up and go for a run – ended up struggling with the getting up bit, let alone running.


7 responses to “Sabotage

  1. That’s hilarious! There is nothing like sisters in battle. I should now, I have THREE of them LOL. Sorry to hear your sick again. TAKE IT EASY or else.

  2. Sibling competition is always the unhealthiest kind!

  3. That’s so funny (not the sick bit)
    Feel better soon!

  4. OMG that’s hilarious. What DO you weigh now? Maybe i’ll start posting you chocolate to get you above what I weigh! hehe
    Oh I just had a deja vu – have I said that to you before?

  5. Wish my sister even cared enough to say hello to me! You are lucky mate. Sorry you are sick today.

  6. My sister and I both pretend we are happy for the other one when they lose weight, but we know that it cuts us deep!

  7. I love the competitive nature in you LOL.

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