I’ve had to cut back my running significantly over the past 4 weeks because of this injury so last night my running buddy, Simon, confessed to me – he’s been running with someone else.  How does this happen?  We don’t have an open relationship, I have never told him he could see other people.  But still he slips out on his lunch hour at work for quickies… damn him.

If I’d have thought of it, I’d have given him the silent treatment on our run last night and, when he asked what was wrong, I could have shrugged and said “nothing”, in that hurt and indignant tone.  LOL.

Meant to go to the gym tonight after work but my ipod had no charge and I couldn’t handle listening to gym music.  Came home and had a nap instead.  Now I must get dress to go to the pub and watch Adelaide slaughter the Pies.  My sister wants Collingwood to win so that St Kilda can still make the finals.  She’s all like “Go Pies” and I’m like “I have NO sister.”  I said to her, don’t you feel dirty inside and doesn’t your soul die just a little when you say that.  She had to admit I was right.


9 responses to “Thoughtage

  1. I said….”GO PIES!!”

  2. OMG. Your running partner has been cheating on you? Better get a lawyer – better get a REAL good one!

  3. Shame on you Kathryn jinxing my Pies like that..

  4. yummymummykirsty

    Game woman slagging out the pies when you live in Melbourne!!

    BTW.. I got a stunning “I love northcote tee for my sister who is leaving there is a few weeks.. what a send off present!

  5. LOL
    I can’t believe that tart Simon would BETRAY you like that!
    My darling husband barracks for the Pies so I won’t tell him what you said (snigger)

  6. Bwahaha…so it happens in ALL kinds of relationships!

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