September – Month of Me!

Woohoo, we won the footy.  Awesome.  It wasn’t a great game though and, since we were watching a delayed telecast and most of the Collingwood supporters left at half time, I kinda clued onto the fact that Adelaide won the game (although I wasn’t allowed to text Andrew at the game and ask him).  You know, as much as I’m an Adelaide supporter, a Collingwood-Adelaide game has zero perv value.  My poor sister is devastated cos her Saints are out of the finals now.

The first thing I’m doing for my month of me is going to an open day at a local yoga centre this morning.  I checked their website and the classes are reasonably priced so if all goes well, I might sign up for a block of classes today.  Then I thought I’d walk into the city.  They had a great dress at Jeans West at Northland last time I went but had just sold their only size 14 minutes before.  I wanted to race through the shopping centre looking for a size 14 girl with a Jeans West bag so I could tackle her to the ground… but instead I’ll go into the city and check there.

I lost a kilogram this week – don’t know how the freaken’ hell that happened.  When I lose weight without effort, I always panic that I’m actually losing muscle tone (esp when I haven’t been exercising).

As for the boy issue I mentioned in a previous post,  I’ve come to the conclusion that no matter how hard I try to delude myself, there’s no interest there.  Oh well… next!

Finally, I have a story coming out in an online magazine this month.  It’s a US site so I guess that won’t be until tomorrow but I’ll post up the link then (and this one is suitable for work).

6 responses to “September – Month of Me!

  1. and did we take our knitting to the pub? hehe

  2. oh and I tipped the Magpies to win so I guess there’s one point I won’t get this week. d’oh!

  3. Hope you found the dress! I love Jeans West, ummm think I’ve already said that before eh? Have a neat weekend.

  4. Trips to yoga, the city, new dresses….and a kg off 🙂
    happy birthday month to you

  5. Woo Hoo- mystery weight loss! I usually only get that moments before I realise I donated blood the day before.
    Cannot believe that Simon is running with someone else, I thought you too had something special, don’t worry, plenty more runners in the sea, he’ll come running back to you when he realises what he is missing (and other such cliches!)

  6. September sure is the best! So are open days at local yoga centres 🙂 Great going with getting your story published too.

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