Exercise Stuff…

I went to my myotherapist tonight.  I’ve been freaking out about the half marathon – it’s less than 6 weeks and I’ve not done a long run in 4 weeks.  That’s scary.  I’ve also been injured long enough that I’m worried about losing fitness.

I asked her if it would be okay to do the half marathon and she was all — yeah, sure, why couldn’t you?  But I forgot to tell her my main concern, not that I won’t be able to make the distance but that I won’t make the cutoff time (80 mins to the 11 km mark).  If I have to take too many walk breaks with my leg pain, then I know I can’t do that.

I guess the only thing to do is see how I go over the next couple of weeks.  If I can run 1o km then I’ll do it.  If I can’t, I’ll seriously consider doing the 10 km instead.  On the positive side, she said to use the cross trainer at the gym so that I’m keeping up my fitness etc without the impact of running.


  • tomorrow, I have to have a rest
  • Thursday is running with Simon day, but we’ll be keeping to short distances – maybe even walk/run intervals (he’s got a sore knee as you get when you don’t buy new running shoes)
  • Friday I’m going to head to the gym either before or after work (I like going before work but that means leaving home at 6.00… groan) and doing a long cross trainer session *yawn* and hopefully an upper body workout
  • Saturday there’s an open day at a local yoga studio – they are having half hour sampler classes so I’m hoping to do a strengthening one followed by a relaxation-y one.  Maybe a long walk too.
  • Another gym session on the cross trainer

She said to try swimming but I hate swimming.  I might get some more footy practice in too.  We went to Borders tonight and got a book on footy skills.  It has awesome drills and things too so we have much to practice.  We are doing our pre-pre-season training, lol, but really want to try out for a women’s team next year.

3 responses to “Exercise Stuff…

  1. Sounds like you are having the same self-doubts as me. I think we just have to go for it and give it our best.

  2. You are really great Kathryn. And being aware of your injury is not the same as being scared of doing the event. I think you could still make the 80 min mark if you take care and time the walking stages.

    Go the footy star !!!

  3. i love footy..so much fun..thought abpout playing it but im sure i would get hte most ridiculous injuries

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