Running (a bit)

Went for a run tonight and actually managed to run about 2.5 km out of 5 – that’s about the best I’ve done in the last 2 weeks.  I don’t even feel sore in my leg.  That makes me extremely happy.

I hadn’t planned on running tonight.  I had to go to Editing class but we had a test and I finish really early so that meant sitting around waiting over an hour for the second half of the class; screw that.  I do feel a little guilty because we were finding out stuff about our assignments after the break but I’ll ring my teach tomorrow and sort it out.  And anyway, why should I be penalised for my awesome knowledge of the use of the semi colon?

I dunno if I mentioned this in previous posts, but I got paid $50 last week for one of my short stories.  The money is sitting in my paypal account and I feel I should reinvest it in writing stuff so have been searching Etsy for funky handmade notebooks.  If you haven’t seen this sit, check it out for all kinds of great stuff.  Also check out Red Bubble – like Cafe Press but Australian (so you don’t have to pay a zillion dollars in postage).  I want to put some designs up when I get a copy of photoshop – in the meantime, there are some tee shirts I want to buy 😀


3 responses to “Running (a bit)

  1. OOOh thanks for the RedBubble tip – looks great.

  2. Another Etsy fan! I found about this site yesterday from another blog I lurk on. A friend then wrote her status notification on Facebook about Etsy, and then I saw this! Hehe. Must check out Red Bubble too.

  3. I’m thinking up pleasures for you. How about buying yourself something completely kid-like from Socrates, light scented candles, a do-it-yourself facial mask, buy yourself some flowers … this is fun. I’m going to have to steal your idea!

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