Lurve and other Bruces…

Thanks for all the advice guys.  If I write any more about the situation, I’m going to make the entries password protected to protect the innocent so just leave a comment or email me and I’ll give you the password.  It could get mighty embarassing having the intel fall into the wrong hands.

I actually thought this morning that I should make a LIST with GOALS and stuff about the whole process – like ‘ask him five questions about himself’ etc then I thought you can’t apply the same logic you use for weight loss for paying off your bills or whatever to bring about a relationship.  But then, why can’t you?

What do you think?  Do you believe that, when it comes to love, there’s The One that are are destined to be with, no matter what or that you should work and plan and make sure you’re in the right place at the right time?

I tend to believe in the later.  I don’t think there is any masterplan to all this.  We aren’t unique jigsaw pieces with only one other piece connecting perfectly, we’re more like lego – able to connect with the right piece at the right time.  Although sometimes I feel like the lego block that the dog chewed, the one that never fits properly with the other pieces.

Anyway all this talk reminded me of some funny stories:

The only time I’ve ever used the ‘spose a root’s out of the ‘question? line on a guy, I did it by proxy – my friend sent me over to ask.  We were only 18-19 years old at the time.  So I bowled up and asked him and he said – it is for her, but not for you!  Yikes.  He was cute too but you can’t go cutting your friend’s grass.

Another time (and note that I can post this story willy-nilly on the net but not anything remotely mushy), again young and kinda pissed at a gay bar with a mate – some guy came in with a chick and they were all over each other, macking on in the corner.  All my drunken mind thought was – hey, that dude’s straight, so when the chick went to the toilet, I made a move and left with him before she came back!  I still can’t believe I did that … but it amuses me that I did.

So, in the rest of my life – last night I went to the football.  That’s the second game I’ve been to this year which is quite a miracle.  I’d not been for years and am not that interested in football but my sister wanted to go see St Kilda and West Coast and since I’ve been making jokes about Ben Cousins all year, she told me to come with her.  I didn’t realise he had such a hot bod – those shoulders are magnificent.

On the tram on the way home, I asked her if guys can have shoulders like that, why don’t they all do it?  I mean it just takes some time at the gym.  She did mention some stuff about genetics and all that but I was like – still, they could have better shoulders.  Why would you have a less hot body than you could possibly have when all it takes is some work?

Then I thought about me – why do you I have a less hot body than I could have, when all it takes is some work!

Even before that, I’ve been thinking about this – I want September to be my month of ME.  It’s my birthday month and I want to do something for me ever day of the month.  I might post up a list as I go.  One thing I want to do is this – $40 for a night out of martinis, manicures and massages.  Sounds awesome.  If you’re interested in coming along, let me know in the next day or two and I’ll book it.

7 responses to “Lurve and other Bruces…

  1. I’m with you on the lego thing – if I’d have met the Spousal Unit when we were younger we’d have disliked each other I think!
    What date were you thinking of for the big pamper?

  2. I don’t think you can set up true love. It just happens one day when you least expect it. I say be good friends first.

  3. oh my gosh – how could you do this to me? I was all into this post – yummy ben cousins and the like and then suddenly, a 40 buck invite to three of my fave things and I CAN”T COME!!!! boohoo! I am going to sulk in the corner now

  4. Liking the lego analogy!! Although i am sure you are not a chewed impossible to match piece gorgeous girl, have faith your piece of matching lego is out there somewhere!!!

    Regards relationships i suspect if it is TOO contrived, thought out, manipulated and not natural then maybe it aint really meant to be – surely it shouldnt be that hard?

    On the other hand i do believe in a Dr.Phil-ism regarding the necessity to place yourself in a “target rich environment” e.g he was talking to a woman once re her lack of a man and when he realised her lifestyle he said that a bloke would have to “throw himself on the hood of your car for you to meet him!”

    I have done various things including joining a ten pin bowling league, joining a singles social group, dating off the net and getting into running and joining a triathlon club just recently – i reckon do what you love doing, being who you are, get out in the world and live your life and yes, take a little bit more of a proactive approach if you spot one of particular interest, but generally love will come “if and when it feels like it” !!

  5. Hehe…I want to know more about that ring now! September is the greatest month ever. I’d know, it’s my month too!! 🙂

  6. I don’t believe that there is just “the one” out there for us. I think there are lots of potential partners in our lives and that it’s a matter of when it’s right for us that determines whether or not we turn a “potential” into “the one”.

    That said, I also believe that having too long a list can pretty much exclude most people from being a potential partner. (I changed possible to potential as I know you’re a BTVS fan.)

    I love September too. Yes, it’s my birthday soon. When I was a kid and completely self-absorbed, I used to think God used Spring to make the world more beautiful for my birthday.

  7. I love September too. All the really cool people are born then LOL… If I was in Melbourne I would definitely come with you..

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