I went for my first run since the City to Surf tonight – woohoo!  Only a very short one.  We did a lap of Princes Park to warm up then Simon had sore knees so we did 1 km run, 1/2 km walk, 1 km run, 1/2 walk.  I’m feeling fine now though was a bit sore straight after.

My sister came down with us and walked around the park as well.  Afterwards she wanted takeaways so we headed to Victoria St then decided to eat in.  Got a few funny looks in my running gear… lol, but it’s only Thy Thy so no need to dress up 🙂

No further developments on the miniature shovel — although we do now have mice.  Not sure if there’s any connection.  I’m going to question Andrew about the spade when he comes over tonight because he buys all kinds of wacky action figures from Minotaur.


3 responses to “Run

  1. Yeah, running. Bet that felt good!
    My thoughts on the shovel – The Borrowers.

  2. Ooh, I LOVE Thy Thy – my favourite Vietnamese restaurant in the whole world! And so cheap…

    Good work on the run!

  3. Mmmmmmmmmmm Thy Thy………
    That’s good your sister came with you!

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