Case Closed

I’ve solved the miniature shovel mystery.  Andrew came over last night and I showed it to him – now I’d asked him about it several times and he told me to shut up and stop being crazy (he also told everyone at his call centre that his mum had gone insane and kept asking him about a miniature shovel).

As soon as he saw the shovel, he goes – oh that’s off my Shaun of the Dead figurine!  That explains the blood on the shovel.  So no mystic convergence, no omen from another realm, no serial killer calling card, just plain old Andrew-wackiness! 


4 responses to “Case Closed

  1. Andrews 18, does that mean that Josh isn’t going to grow out of his figurine obsession? We’re up to 12 WWE wrestlers so far although I have hidden Chris Benoit!

  2. Oh darling that is hilarious – the whole shovel scenario!! I loved it, made me laugh out loud.

  3. Bwahahah…too funny!

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