Running and Weird Stuff

My myotherapist said I can run again – woohoo!   She actually said it would be good to give the muscles a gentle workout, with a long walk warmup and a slow jog and see how that goes.  She also recommended that I see her about once a month between now and the half marathon.  Sounds good to me.

I’ve been feeling blah and washed out since I saw her.  I’ve not had dinner but don’t feel at all hungry.  I never know what’s best – to eat because I should or to not eat when I don’t feel like, but I had a big lunch so skipping dinner won’t kill me.

Last night we had the weirdest experience.  I was rummaging in my knitting bag for a pen and pulled out a miniature shovel.  No kidding – this tiny little shovel like you’d have in doll house!  WTF!  I have no idea where it came from.  I keep my knitting bag in my sister’s room and there is no one that would go in there who’d even have a miniature shovel so I rang the wool shop (I keep all my knitting stuff in the shopping bag they gave me) to see if they sold stuff like that and she had no idea how it’d get in there.

The freaky thing is that it has red nail polish on it – like blood!  Well, the freakier thing is that we’ve been watching Twin Peaks (Special Agent Cooper *sigh*) and so it seems like some ominious portent, maybe from another dimension???

Miniature shovel – what does it mean and how did it get there?  I don’t think the mystery will ever be solved.


8 responses to “Running and Weird Stuff

  1. I was going to say “great news about running again” but I can’t get that shovel out of my mind. Has anyone been eating wizz fizz while painting their nails? Perhaps the toys were out at midnight and were having a shovel makeover.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  2. Or, do you know any kids with Lego, I remember miniature shovels in my kids Lego. Or, what about out of a Christmas cracker ….. god now this is all I’m going to think about too.

  3. doo doo doo doo *spooky music*
    good about the running
    but you havta eat

  4. I’m thinking miniature leprachaun and miniature pot of gold, go find it honey!!

  5. Congratulations Kathryn – on the running thing, not on the weird blood covered miniture shovel thing.. Oooh now I want to go and check the windows LOL..

    It was great catching up with you last weekend – well done on the C2S run.


  6. yeah the shovel thing is weird… do you have periods where time has just elapsed and you cant account for it…lol! or are there any beheaded ken or barbie dolls laying around

  7. great about the running! the shovel is wierd – have you got the pilot episode – i bought the season and it didn’t come with the pilot – so stupid!

  8. YAY about the running news! Phew, relief.

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