Shopping Photos


Spunky cardigan that I bought in Sydney, with fake fur collar and rose. I love it cos it’s so ’40s style. I want to wear it with my pencil skirt and seamed stockings (when I buy the seamed stockings). The white marks aren’t on the cardigan but are on the bathroom mirror. Gross, huh? I think I must make someone clean that since I’ve spent the morning doing household task – it must be their turn.


Knickers I got from Jeans West. I thought I’d spare you all and take the pic before I wore them… lolz. These are the best undies ever. Even though I’ve lost weight, I still have a belly roll (damn you, belly). Often knickers that fit me now cut across my belly funny and sort of divide it each side – charming mental picture there – but these knickers sit perfectly. Plus they are seamless. I give them 9/10 for knickers. They’d get 10/10 except they cost $10 and that’s a lot for me to pay for knickers. But, if they are still good after lots of washes and prove to be value for money, that rating will improve.


Dress and leggings from Jeans West. Not a good photo – the dress is more purple and I look fatter cos I can’t stand up straight sometimes with my leg/butt injury. The sunnies are new too and the shoes I got a few weeks ago – they are slip on volleys from Rebel Sports, very comfortable.


PJ pants from Jeans West. Also very comfy.

I meant to take a photo of the Lynard Skynard tee-shirt I got in Sydney, which is totally awesome, and my new jeans but forgot. I did however work out how to take photos so they are smaller and therefore much quicker to upload. Yah for me! I’m now going to add more pics to my knitting page. Have spent the morning cleaning this house – it’s amazing how much perkier I feel. Spring cleaning – it’s awesome.


11 responses to “Shopping Photos

  1. Love your purchases girl and that cardi is gorgeous. Where did you buy that one? Seamless undies are definitely more comfy but you know what, I have that tummy thing going on as well. I’m hoping all this yoga I’m doing helps tone that area. Glad you’re feeling perkier. I always get a buzz after cleaning too 🙂

  2. Jeans West… my most favourite shop ever!!! I have not seen knickers in ours though, and I love yours! Blue…. helps! Nice legs by the way, havint’ ever seen a photo of ‘you’ before!

  3. those knickers are adorable! retail therapy is just so special!

  4. Heh I’m with Mary, I’d like to know what shop you bought that cardie from too – it’s lovely. I’m long overdue for some King st shopping!

    Hope your butt issues get sorted out soon Kathryn. I agree it’s easy to feel down when it feels like your own body isn’t working just right. Your trip to the markets sounds great though – hope you’ve enjoyed cooking up a storm!!

  5. Awesome cardi. I want it.

  6. Nothing like a good shop to cheer you up kathryn and i love the stuff you got – you look great in that dress (v.jealous of your legs, i SO wont be doing the leggings thing this season but you rock it!) and i think the undies look awesome,great design, might have to buy some myself!

    I went and bought FIVE pairs of shoes the other day, just cos i felt like it and it felt really good – cant run at the mo. so decided shopping was an alternative high in the mean time!!!!

    Keep working on thinking through what is going on with both your body and mind, i admire your self awareness and honesty and it will really help you manage through the tricky times…

  7. Oooh yummy new clothes

  8. Good haul. Those knickers are so sweet, I am slavishly addicted to Bonds Boy legs knickers and have countless pairs in all colours of the rainbow

  9. Must check out if Jeans West have those in NZ….

  10. You have such great style! I love the Jeans West dress and the cardi.

  11. talkingmyselfintoit

    You look like a rock star.
    Now you have to throw a party for those clothes or go find one.

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