I went to the myotherapist tonight about my leg – it is the piriformis thing again.  Arrrgghh!  She said no running until the shooting pains stop then walking for a while before running.  Damnation, that is so not on my colour coded schedule!  Still got to be sensible about these things.  I can’t do any cardio – no bike, no swimming, nothing except upper body weights.

Oh yeah, I cancelled my fitness first membership yesterday.  People reckon it’s a total nightmare trying to cancel it but it was easy as anything (fingers crossed since I haven’t got a confirmation back).  It will take a month for the cancellation to go through then I’m going to use the $4 gym up the road and put my money toward pilates classes to get my core toughened up.


10 responses to “Leg

  1. Sure that you will be out sweating before you know it!!
    Also.. your I love Northcote t shirt, where did you get it?? My sister is living in Northcote at the moment and is about to move to Tas.. would be a great present for her!

  2. Bummer 😦
    But hang in there 🙂
    how long did the therapist say it might take?

  3. Nothing lower body, that’s tough! You might need to get yourself a wheelchair, or a surfboard on wheels maybe.

    Don’t forget, knitting burns calories ;o)

  4. I’m putting up with that piriformis thing too though I’m not getting quite the grief you are mainly because I’ve taken some time off exercising. Even though I’ve had a big break its not going away. Its a pain in the bum! (pun intended)

  5. owie, pain in the butt

    Glad you have a great time in Sydney, loved the pics

  6. Your boobs look huge in that photo – you’re such a spunk!! Bugger about your myotherapically diagnosed piriformis.
    Thanks for the tag,i’ll try and do it before I go to Canberra. I should be bloody packing but i’m reading blogs. Go figure.

  7. Damn, that sucks Kathryn.

    Working on your core is smart though. I’ve been doing that Chi Running core form stuff and I find it makes a huge difference to my running.

  8. Oh hon, that sucks about the leg but make sure you do the right thing. I know, boring but you want to be able to run again. Take it easy…more stretching, yoga maybe?

  9. Cancellation is oh too easy. Let me know if there’s any ishewwwssss and I’ll keep an eye on your file for you. :p

  10. mm..i thought it sounded like that was back.. water running!!!thats all i need to say

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