Tagged and Sydney Pics

I’ve been tagged by Andrew:

Jobs I’ve Held: factory hand (woohoo – I got to use a machete), admin, phone psychic (very briefly), various IT geekery

Movies I Can Watch Over & Over: Royal Tenanbaums, the Rocky movies, Wolf Creek

My Guilty Pleasures: I don’t feel guilty over most of my pleasures but one thing I do that is really daggy is watching crap fan videos on Youtube.  The crapper, the better.

Places I have lived (in order): Tassie & Melbourne (how boring of me!)

Shows I enjoy: I heart TV, well watching TV on DVD.  Current obsession is Twin Peaks, love that special agent Dale Cooper.  Also Life on Mars, Deadwood, Buffy… oh and last but not least, Supernatural (Jensen Ackles = *sigh*, is there a hotter man alive?)

Places I Have Been on Holiday: NZ, USA, Europe, SE Asia, Sydney, Adelaide, Apollo Bay.

Favorite Foods: chocolate, Thai, Vietnamese… I could go on forever…

Websites I Visit Daily: blogs

Body Parts I Have Injured: ha, most of them.

Awards I’ve Won: none that I can remember

Nicknames You’ve Been Called: bitchface (it’s a common one in our family), can’t think of any others – I hate having my name shortened to Kathy or anything like that.

Okay, I’ll tag Briony, Airlie,  Kek, Kathy… hope you haven’t done it already.

I haven’t stopped eating since I’ve been back from Sydney, dunno what’s wrong with me and my leg is still sore.  I’ve got an appointment to have it looked at tomorrow.  I can’t even take nurofen at the moment cos it’s making me sick so I’ve just been sitting on a tennis ball trying to relieve it.  I hope I can run this weekend – I want to get in 20 kms but only if I get the official go ahead.  It worries me if I can’t because I’ve not done a long run for nearly two weeks, what with stupid back pain and the City to Surf and all that.  If this continues, I’ll have to go back to square one.

Finally got some Sydney photos off my phone.

All the girls at brunch

Stella, Mary, me, Margaret, Cath and Sarah – all posing and stuff.  I’m scrunching down because they wouldn’t let me hide at the back.. grrr!


Mary and Margaret looking all full of awesomeness.  Notice the brightness of the photo – that’s not a flash, folks, that’s real sunshine.  Got to love that stuff.


Me looking all smarmy and fake smiley but my boobs look good and that’s the main thing 😀   I had a great pic of Sarah, taken unawares but my stupid photo editing program won’t rotate it so I won’t post it.

The next day:


Me, post run and post swim and spa – hence the bad hair – and pre-awesome steak sanga.  Man, that was some steak sanga goodness, with cheese and bacon and caramelised onion and HP Sauce. HP Sauce, it rules.


My sis and her bf, enjoying tapas!

I’ve got some more but you don’t really want photos of every cocktail we drank… and I really should stop taking them.  They aren’t really all that interesting!  I will post some pics of my new cardi soon.

Finally, got my C2S results today.  Official time = 103 mins.  Just to let you know, if you don’t already, the official time is from the time the gun (hooter) goes off.  They don’t have such fancy things as electronic timing in the City to Surf.  You just run and get a slip of paper at the finish line.  Not exactly full of accuracy goodness.   There was also a hideous pic of me on the site – man I look ugly running!  I’m thinking about buying a running skirt so I look more girlie and nice… maybe putting on some lippy and a bit of mascara before getting to the finish line too 🙂

4 responses to “Tagged and Sydney Pics

  1. as long as your boobs look good, that’s the main thing LOL
    Glad to see the photo of Maragaret, she’s dropped off the blogging radar a bit.
    Your training has been so consistent, you won’t have to go back to square one, don’t worry, and it’s 6 weeks til MM, plenty of time to do 20km 🙂

  2. Kathryn, I hope your leg heals quickly. Lovely to see the photos.

    Responding to your nickname comment: I’ve been Kathy forever. Every class I was ever in at school had more than one Kathy/Kathryn. I’m occasionally Katherine at work, and I like to see my whole name on any official documentation. At home, I only get Katherine if I’ve upset my Mum. She usually calls me Kate or Katy. I get Kate or Kath from my siblings.

  3. Thanks for sharing the pics! That was such a beautiful day and it was great to catch up again. Does anyone look good while running? If they do, they’re not running I reckon LOL. I hope the leg is doing better 🙂

  4. We seem to be a great big group of Buffy fans!

    Hope the leg gets better quickly.

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