Still in Sydney, leaving for the airport in a couple of hours.  I’m bored, bored, bored so stopped into an internet cafe in Kings Cross.  The keys are very sticky on this computer and that scares me. 

We got up here Saturday morning, dropped off our bags then headed over to Newtown for brunch with the girls (there are photos on Mary’s blog and I will post some when I get home).  Then went shopping – got a fab ’50s style cardi with leopard fur collar and a couple of t-shirts.  Saturday night was quiet – pasta for dinner with my sister then hope to bed. 

Oh my god, Simon snored.  He snored loud.  I woke up a zillion times during the night, he even woke himself up.  At one point, I considered putting a pillow over his face until he stopped breathing.

So, Sunday morning I did not want to get out of bed.  I did not want to run.  But you can’t come all the way to Sydney then NOT run when that’s the whole reason for being here.  We walked down to the start for a warm up then got pins for our bibs and did some jogging up and down hills.  My back was fine but my feet hurt.  I’m just a litany of woes!  Got the shoes all properly laced like the guys at Active Feet suggested so that they wouldn’t rub.  Anyway I’ve worked out the source of my foot problems – when it gets warm, my feet swell.  Sexy, huh?  I felt like my feet would burst out of my shoes and had to stop several times to loosen the laces.

 It was damn hot during the run.  By the 3 km mark, I was drenched in sweat.  Yikes.  I couldn’t get anywhere near the pace I wanted – between the too tight shoes and the niggles in my left leg and the crowds of people, I had to keep to a fairly slow jog.  By the halfway mark, I decided trying to do it in under 100 mins wasn’t going to happen, so I kinda gave up.  I had all kinds of dismal thoughts, like how can I do a half marathon if I can’t even do 14kms and that I’m a crap runner and should just give up.

I kept to a slow but steady pace for a while then hit the 11 km mark.  I had 3 km to finish the run and it had taken me 80 mins so far.  I realised I could run 3 kms in 20 mins, no worries.  Normally I have problems running downhill – I panic that I’ll gain momentum and not be able to stop so I hold myself back – but yesterday I realised that I had 60,000 people to cushion me if need be so I just took off for the finish line. 

Oh my god, why do people just dawdle along so close to the finish line?  Or, even worse, stop suddenly in front of you?  I think I said the “F” word to a few people!

Anyway, I made it over the finish line in 99.29 mins by my watch.  My official time will be more because it took us 5 mins to get to the start line after the gun went off. 

I found Simon. We hadn’t wanted to bother with bags and crap but I needed desperately to get out of my running shoes before my feet exploded.  We found a cheap Asian shop and I got some very awesome pink thongs for $2.50.  I love thongs… they are the best thing ever!

After that, we caught the bus back to Hyde Park and got a coffee then headed toward Rushcutters Bay.  Stopped off at my sister’s place on the way.  She has a pool and spa.  An awesome pool and an awesome spa.  Best after-run pool and spa ever.  Then we went to a cafe and got the best steak sanga ever – bacon, cheese, caramalised onion and HP sauce. 

Last night we went to the Cross for tapas.  Yum.  Then headed to Oxford St for drag shows and drinking.  We drank far too much.  Not that we got hideously drunk or anything, just mixed lots of wrong things – cocktails and shooters and all manner of crap.  I pulled up okay today though, mostly because I drank shitloads of water.  We did lots of dancing at the Nightshift which played the dodgiest ’80s music – Electric Dreams and other songs that you don’t normally hear.  Lots of fun.

This morning Simon had to go lead a workshop somewhere in the outer surburbs.  Sucks to be him.  I had a coffee then headed into the city for a massage (I’d booked a sports massage last week).  My back is totally not sore now but have got problems with my glutes etc.  I think it’s the piriformis thing I had a earlier this year flaring up.  The massage girl tried to get me to relax my hammies but no matter what she did, the left one wouldn’t relax – weird.  She said I have to stretch more… everyone says that but there is a limit to the stretching one person can do!  She used hot rocks.  That was weird but good.

After the massage, I felt really spacey and vague.  Not good when you’re in the middle of a strange city.  I ended up going to Borders and curling up with some magazines and coffee and food.  Then went to the cupcake shop on Pitt St 🙂

That’s about everything I’ve done in Sydney.  I catch the bus to the airport in an hour.  Can’t wait to get into my bed, and to have a restful snore-free sleep.


14 responses to “Sydney

  1. Congratulations on a good run on a hard day 🙂 hope all the niggles respond to their treatment!

  2. you sound on top of the world – awesome run babe – i am so proud of you!

  3. Well done on doing the run in under 100 mins! Yay you. I’ve heard it’s hard to get through the crowds and run properly. Actually it might have been YOU that told me that last year! hehe
    Glad you enjoyed Sydney. I promise I will be there next year.

  4. Congrats on finishing the C2S – I wish I had that on my running resume – maybe next year! You sound just like me, no matter where you are, end up at Borders!!

  5. Congrats – yay you!!

    Um…if it took you 5 minutes to get to the start line, won’t your official time (which surely must begin from when you cross the start line) be LESS? Or is my brain just not working right?

  6. Congratulation on a great time Kathryn. Your weekend sounded like heaps of fun.

  7. Congrats Kathryn, sounds like it was a tough one but you did it, awesome time 😀

    You sound like you have had a really exciting full week-end. Enjoy your rest.

  8. Awesome! Way to go Kathryn. Congratulations in making it under 100 minutes.
    Sounds like you’ve had a really good time in Sydney.

  9. It sounds like you had a great weekend. And you’re not a crap runner at all! Having all kinds of troubles and still be able to run it out in a great time. That’s fantastic. I’m proud of you.

  10. I saw the start to the run on the TV. All those people!!! I think I would be saying the F word to alot of people from the start not at the finish.
    It’s good to hear that you were able to make it after all the problems with your legs.

  11. God girl… you make a woman what to run.. lots!!!
    Well done!

  12. great work! and it does sound a bit like the piriformis thing….. is it just anti inflamms for that??

  13. Well done Kathryn, I think you did a pretty great job of it! It was pretty hot on sun morning so I can only imagine what it would have been like running then – all looked good on tv where I was watching it from!

  14. Sticky keyboards especially in the Cross LOL, *shudder* but how about your purchases! You’ve got a phone camera now so no excuses for not posting photos. I want to see the cardi 🙂

    Simon snores? He doesn’t look like a snorer (I always imagine someone like Homer Simpson). That would have been hard. Not good to hear about the shoes either but well done on doing it under 100 mins with the lack of sleep and shoe issue! You totally deserved that pool/spa afterwards, nice.

    So you went to the Shift too LOL, great place to dance and dance like no one is watching because they’re all looking for stick anyway 😉

    And you finally made it to Cupcakes on Pitt. Were they as good as you’d hope? I still haven’t been there.

    Great to see you again girl. Until next time….now start stretching, more. Hope your back and glutes feel better.

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