More Oh Noes!

When I woke up this morning, my back felt fine.  Then I went to the loo.  I strained a little (yeah, too much info, I know) and it was like something in my back went boiiing!  Not good.  I tried some stretches and gentle exercises, hip rotations and stuff like that seem to help then got ready for work.  Doing up the buckles on my shoes was a total challenge.  Got in the car to drive to work – my car is manual and most of the pain is on the left side – an realised no way could I drive for 40-50 minutes.  I rang them – my boss is so cool, she’s more worried about me doing the city to surf than work.

So I’m working from home today and got an appointment with the physio later on.
I took some Nurophen last night but don’t want to take any more until after I get it looked at, I don’t want to mask any pain.  So I’ve got a dull achey pain when I sit and more severe pain when I get up until I’ve been moving around a while and sharp, ouchie pain any time I lean forward.

My prediction is that it isn’t my back thats the problem rather that my quads and hip flexors are so tight that they are pulling on my back muscles.  I’ll see what the physio says though.  At the moment, I’m not wanting to do anything – I don’t know whether to use ice or heat, whether to keep moving or rest.  I just want it fixed.  I do have to deal with the fact that if she says I can’t run on Sunday then I can’t run.  I’d rather have a definitive answer though even if it’s bad news.  And I’d rather be fit and healthy to do the half marathon than push myself to do the City to Surf and cause more problems.

As to it being anxiety-based, I’ll ask her about it but my theory is that I get too focussed on running and my body gets out of balance.  I think from now on I’m going to have to be very careful about cross training and stretching.  And do more yoga, that really helps.


One response to “More Oh Noes!

  1. Ahhh yessa, the stretching, she is important, no?

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