I started off the weekend all productive and stuff – Andy wanted to get some running shoes cos he’s having problems with his current ones.  We went over to Active Feet in Prahran and while I was there, had a talk to the guy about how my shoes have been rubbing.  I didn’t have my running shoes with me (here’s a helpful hint: don’t go to a running shoe shop in a skirt and tights) but he showed me how to relace them and gave me some other suggestions.  If they still rub, I’m going to take them back in and show him.

After that we went to Smith St cos Andy wanted some work shoes as well.  I was very tempted by some cute yellow chuck taylors with daisies and ladybugs… I’m thinking I might go back and get them.  Then I came home and we started watching Deadwood.  That took up the whole day – we watched all of season 2.  But I did manage to knit a beanie and a mitten, just got to make the other one now.

I’d planned a long run this morning then Simon had a friend in town for lunch so we put it off.  Plus I’ve got extremely sore glutes and hamstrings – think I overdid the lunges at the gym on Friday… ouch.  So we’re going to do a 10 km run later today instead.  I think that’s enough with the City to Surf next weekend.  I’ve also got an assignment to do for school.  It was due last week and I got an extension and still haven’t started it so don’t really have time for a long, long run.

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