Run done

I’ve just got back from my run.  We ended up downsizing it from 19 kms to 10 kms but did it at a faster pace, unintentionally just because we were chatting and didn’t realise until we got back – that’s a very good thing 😀

My legs actually feel better now than before the run – woohoo!  That means it’s a definite case of overdoing the lunges.  I’m going to do some more stretching then run a bath and put on some stuffed chicken breasts plus a ‘medley of oven roasted root vegetables’ (ie. some spuds, parsnip and swede) to cook while I soak.

Haven’t finished the school assignment yet but not far off.  I feel much more on top of things.


4 responses to “Run done

  1. hoemwork sucks big time!!! but it always feels good when you finish!!!

  2. do you know what? One day i want to some and run with you! It is totally one of my goals because you just make it sound so enticing!

  3. It’s good when you have one of those runs where your legs get nice and loose and feel better than when you started isn’t it. Hey, I love swede and haven’t had it for absolute ages !!

  4. Hey we have medley of roast veges all the time – chuck something out of the freezer in with them and voila, a delicious one-pan dinner, and it’s virtuous too so you can eat more 🙂

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