I didn’t go to the gym yesterday – I’d slept poorly the night before, mostly because some crazed woman with an army of giant killer crayfish chased me through my dreams.  Luckily I managed an awesome dance routine/Sound of Music style escape.  My mind is a scary place to be at night.

So, I came home from work and had a nap then went to the supermarket then had more sleep.  Got up this morning and did a 6 km run 3 X around the hilly 2 km.  That’s 3 times up my hill.  Since I live in Northcote, there is only one hill.  I love it cos my lap takes me up the backstreets where no one sees me, to the top of the hill then I get to run strong down High St so I look good to all the passing cars.  That’s my running theory anyway.  I also get the awesome sunrise view over the city – Northcote has the best city views in Melbourne.  And at least we have a hill, not like those pretentious snobs of Clifton Hill, that has a tiny little hump yet puts “Hill” in it’s name… what’s with that?

After work, I went to the gym to do some weights but I’d forgotten my run this morning and did an intense cardio interval session on the bikes.  Oops.  How do you even forget you did cardio and do more cardio?  What the hell kind of creature am I? I made myself sick.
I was doing those hideous shoulder presses and watching my form in the mirror and noticed I’ve lost weight.  It’s the first time in forever I’ve actually noticed any (good) change in my body.  That made me happy.

After the gym, I went to Knox shopping centre (well I was already at the shopping centre but went to the shops bit), started looking around and realised they had nothing I wanted.  Shopping centres – what a crock.  I’m getting so pissed off with the homogenisation of fashion – you get 568 shops and they all have exactly the same thing.  There is no variety, no individuality – just identical clothes, well identical except for some tiny feature that gives you the illusion of choice.

I used to think one of the beauties of wearing normal sized clothing was the huge range of choice, but that’s all a sham.  You get expensive shit or cheap shit, and since it’s all out of fashion in a month’s time you might as well buy the cheap shit.   I think I’m going to start shopping only at non-chain stores from now on.  There are some great places around but you won’t find them at Knox City.

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  1. there’s only one hill in Northcote, certainly, but it’s a BIG bastard – you rock!Although I am frightened of you now I’ve heard that dream 🙂

  2. You are a bloody machine woman, well done. Do you know if there’s a pre-C2S bloggers dinner this year? I haven’t heard anything but would be keen to see you guys if you’re planning something. I have access to my work email today if you’re around, give me a yell, or on MSN – although I think you deleted that didn’t you? My memory is stuffed at the moment.

  3. It is a wonderful feeling when you notice a positive change in your body – congratulations!

  4. You deserve to notice a change especially with all the training you’ve been doing.

    I can’t believe you went all the way out to Knox when you’ve got the replica Knifepoint closer to you. Fashion does suck the big one at the mo but I did manage to buy 4 tops for under $100 today so that made me happy.

  5. What a dream hon, great material to use for future stories…horror ones! It’s great when you see yourself and notice positive changes 🙂 Fashion, don’t get me started. I agree with you.

  6. Knox, brave woman, I fear shopping malls, giant soulless and just a little bit terrifying, I usually end up on Borders curled up in the fetal position 😆

  7. I’ve just stumbled on your blog and have spent way too much time reading it. It’s so funny and entertaining, I think to myself, I’ll read jsut a few more posts. Two hours later, I’m still there. So congratulations, that’s the first blog I can say that about. You’re bookmarked.

    I’m totally with you on the clothes/fashion issue especially the cheap shit/expensive shit observation. I love to buy clothes but do so rarely because I can never find anything that appeals to me and doesn’t look the same as everything else…

    Good luck on the City 2 Surf

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