Tonight we did a tempo run – well 2 x 15 mins tempos with a short recovery between.  I wanted to cover 2.5 km in 15 mins to maintain a 6 min/km pace and managed to top that both times.  About half way on my second lot, I wanted to stop.  I had a voice in my head saying it was all too hard and I should just walk for a while, but I told that voice that I couldn’t stop in the City to Surf next week if it got too hard and I couldn’t stop in the half marathon if it got too hard so I kept running.

With warm ups and cool downs, ended up doing 10 kms altogether and finished up feeling like I’d put in a big effort but not enough to leave me half dead or anything.

When I got home, I did some more exercise… kinda.  Well with no flatmates home and a big, long hallway and a footy, we decided some kick to kick in hall was a good idea.  Managed not to break anything either 🙂

Last night I had a massage.  She did lots of work on my calves which hurt like buggery but mostly it was good (omg, I just read that and realised the literal meaning of the expression ‘hurts like buggery’…  I’d always thought of it as a term of speech before!).  After the massage, I just wanted to nap on the table.  Not much else going on this week, I’ve been finding it a real effort to even drag myself out of bed in the mornings.


6 responses to “Run

  1. Well done, you are making such good progress 🙂

  2. God.. that is fast!!

  3. It’s all coming together very nicely, well done 😀

  4. Well done on talking yourself out of stopping on the run, I’m always very proud of myself when I manage to stay strong like that!

  5. I continue to be impressed by your progress and dedication! City 2 Surf just around the corner but with all the work you have been doing you will fly i reckon – looking forward to hearing the DETAILED race report too, you have to help me at least FEEL like i was there and with your writing talents i am sure it will be a good read…(no pressure!!-LOL!)

  6. yeah its a struggle to get out of bed..if i actually had someone next to me im sure i would tell them to physically push me out of bed!it can only get better!

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