18 kms

Today’s long run was definitely better than last week’s.  We managed the 18kms (3 laps of the Tan and a lap of Albert Park lake) without too much difficulty.  And we knocked 25 minutes off the time even doing an extra km – of course not having to stop and limp helped a lot.

The fortress of elastoplaster on my heel kept the blister from hurting and the skins kept my legs compressedly warm.  I’d actually like to say that the skins made a huge difference to my running since they cost a small fortune but it’s hard to say.  They definitely made a difference though when it poured down with rain then turned windy – at least my bottom half felt okay.  I’ve kept them on since I got home and my legs feel spritely – I even tidied my room and have been pottering around instead of sitting around groaning.

You know, I feel really good about today’s run.  I mean 18 km is only 3 km or so short of  the half marathon distance.  If I can run 18 km, I can most definitely run 21.  I just need to run it faster.  Of course we did have a few stops – to remove clothes after the first lap and to do a blister check after the second lap.

The whole band aid/elastoplaster industry is such a gyp – do they make products that actually stick?  I used to buy the elastoplaster in a roll which was awesome and stayed on until you got the courage to pull it off but apparently they’ve stopped making it.  I spent nearly $30 at the chemist on blister related products and, while it kept me out of pain for the run, they kept sliding around.  I’m not sure what the best solution is but I’m thinking gaffer tape.

Anyway, since my Amazon dvds turned up today, I’m thinking of doing a “10 minute yoga solution” to really stretch out the legs then a shower.

10 responses to “18 kms

  1. 18 kms in the wind and rain. I don’t know if you are a machine or a nutter! lol

  2. What a coincidence, we both got Amazon packages on the same day! The “afterwards” is definitely the main benefit of Skins.

  3. i am so impressed by you running – seriously – i can’t run, well, shit, i can hardly walk, so 18kms is like, holy cow, to me – give yourself a pat on the back!

  4. I’m impressed too. 18kms, that is such a enormous long distance. For me, 5km is already too long. But 18? Wow.

  5. Kathryn, I am starting to feel like a stalker now as I know I have said this more than once but you are a flipping legend!! Honestly, I am so impressed with your 18km runs and you felt good after the last one. I have know doubt you will blitz half marathon in October for sure 😀

  6. Way to go Kathryn. An awesome effort. I’m glad the blisters were under control.

    I love my skins. I’m sure you’ll love yours just as much. Actually, you’ll probably love yours more as you run much further than I do.

    Looking forward to hearing about your next long run.

  7. Well done!

    Those blister block things are an expensive crock of shit, instead try Band Aid “Tough Strips”, they stay in place for ages. If you are trying to prevent a blister by some elastoplast strapping tape, it comes on a roll too, in either narrow or wide.

  8. 18km! that is fantastic Kathryn. You must be SO fit!

  9. You can certainly do 21km now you’ve mastered 18 – and it’s what? 9 weeks to go? Also all that stuff about race day magic has been true the twice I’ve done the melb half – the buzz is immense and you will find extra speed and energy where you weren’t expecting it. Not that you’ll need it with your excellent preparation 🙂

  10. 18kms is pretty damn amazing hon! I was chuffed at myself for even trying the C25km Plan but you doing 18kms is so impressive. I hope the blister heals soon so you don’t have to worry about it anymore. What did you think of the 10 Minute Yoga DVD?

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