I actually made it to the shops tonight – headed to Northland after work.  The only place I really spent any money though was Rebel Sport.  All the clothes shops seem to have the same stuff and it all makes anyone over the age of 12 look preggers.  Although I did pick up a couple of work skirts for cheap.

I got some Skins which is a mighty huge investment and few other things and a Sherrin.  I’m so excited about the Sherrin, I’ve been meaning to get one for ages.  We’ve been handballing it and kicking it around the house.  On the weekend we’re going to go to the park and have a kick.

One thing that amazed me tonight – since when has it been acceptable to walk around shops eating and drinking?  It’s disgusting.  A shop assistant in Valley Girl leaned on the counter eating KFC.  I made damn sure someone else served me.  I didn’t want her folding up clothes I was paying for with her greasy chicken fingers.


5 responses to “Shopping

  1. I had a pair of skins in my hand a fortnight ago.. and put them back again… will have to let me know what you think!!!

  2. I bought Josh some new footy boots from there last week. You’ll have to come and have a kick on Sunday morning at our footy club.

  3. The current dress thing really bothers me. I don’t mind a bit of a flare out from the waist line but I don’t want to look like I’m carrying triplets! I tried to go dress shopping yesterday and quickly gave up. Say no to maternity smocks!

    I’d be the same if anyone was eating KFC in a shop. I can’t imagine anything more foul than someone putting chicken greased hands all over my new clothes. Yukko.

  4. I have had my skins for about a year which probably explains why I am always hitching them up 😆 I really need to get a new pair!

  5. yeah.i bought skins and wasnt sure..but hte last few weeks i think it has really been helping me with my very sore way a fan now

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