It seems for once in my life I’m earning money faster than I can spend it.  Mostly because I can’t get to the shops except for when they’re insanely busy.  It’s a good thing because I’m such a spendthrift.  I’m doing what I can with online shopping but there’s only so much you can buy without seeing it in real life.

There are many things I could buy but I don’t really want them all that much so I think I’ll just keep my money in the bank for a while.

Tonight we did 1 min fast, 2 min slow on our run.  Except I couldn’t run fast because my blister hurt.  Ouchies.  So I did 1 min kinda fast, 2 mins slow.   I got a stopwatch from Coles to time it but it didn’t work real well on account of it being dark and the stopwatch not having a light.  But it was only $5 and I can use it to time my sister doing simple household tasks (actually since she’s fatigued, I don’t really need a stopwatch).

I think my blister and heel problems are caused by having an abnormally jutty-out achilles tendon in my lower leg.  It just sticks out and gets in the way.  I need all this damage fixed pronto so I can do my 18 km run on Friday.  I’m really looking forward to it cos last week’s long run was so awful that this week’s has to be good.  I’m just going to splurge out on elastoplaster and make a fortress around the blister so it doesn’t come in contact with my shoe.  That should work.  I’m also going to buy some of that disgusting smelling brown stuff that you put on blisters (that I’m technically supposed to put on any broken skin being diabetic and all).


6 responses to “Life

  1. Try something like one of those corn or bunion pads with the hole in the middle – it’ll cushion around the blister without covering it up (you need to let it dry out) and stop the show from rubbing.

    One thing on possible causes: What kind of socks do you wear? If they have a high cotton content, they’ll get wet when your feet sweat and will STAY wet. Then the friction gets much worse. Try some good quality socks made from one of those high-tech fabrics that wick moisture away from your skin. You don’t have to buy $60 Thorlos, just something decent.

    So many people spend up big on sports shoes, then buy cheap-arse socks and wonder why they have problems.

  2. Ouch… I don’t know how you keep going with blisters like that!!! Hope you get on top of them!!!

  3. Hi Kathryn … the special blister bandaids that you get are ridiculously expensive (about $7 for about four of them) but stay on for ages and work like magic. Good luck, Viv

  4. I still can’t believe you are doing 18km runs!! I just can’t imagine it 😯 I take my hat of to you Kathryn 😀

  5. I agree with the decent socks comment above !

  6. Looking forward to hearing all about your fantastic 18 km run.

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