Since I was all ranty yesterday, I thought today I’d talk about some of the things that make me really happy at the moment:

  • Tangelos – yum.  They are so cheap at the moment and magically delicious and tangy.  They taste like a punch in the mouth but in a really good way.  I have one every day for my morning tea.
  • My run this morning was awesome.  I thought I’d finally do my 5 km block in under 30 minutes.  I’ve been trying to do that for ages and this morning I really felt capable and strong.  I got to within a km of home and some galah decided to turn down a side street in front of me … really, really slow.  I had to stand around away waiting and it made me very angry, but it also made me realise how spoilt I am.  Whenever I run in my neighbourhood, cars tend to stop and let you cross the road and give you lots of consideration.  I think because lots of people in my area run or ride bikes so they understand.
  • Sunny weather – we’ve had enough cold, it can keep being unseasonably warm for a while.
  • I went to the dentist this morning (that didn’t make me happy – I got a monsterous quote and didn’t like the dentist much – I figure if I’m going to spend that much money, I want a dentist I like so if you know anyone good and cheap and sensititive to my pain in the Northern Suburbs, let me know).  What made me happy was afterwards, I went to a cafe to get a coffee and had a slice of Pritikin fruit bread.  It was the most awesome fruit bread ever and incredibly filling, even if Pritikin is terribly ’80s.  Oh and the form at the dentist’s was full of grammatical errors!  I can’t let someone who doesn’t know proper capitalisation work on my teeth.
  • Going to go-go dancing tonight.  I haven’t been for ages and it’s lots of fun.

3 responses to “Happy…

  1. A nice happy post. I’ve just emailed you some dentist info.

  2. Yummy Mummy..

    ewwwe… i loath the dentist.. someone once told me that dentist have the highest percentage of suicide above all other professions.. interesting..
    Maybe you should proof read my blog… that would be full or errors!!!

  3. Go Go Kathryn, hope you had a blast.

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