There are two things that I really detest in this world.

  1. When I’m driving down my street looking for somewhere to park my car and some dickweed behind me toots because I’m driving too slow.  I’m on my own freaking road and if they don’t like it, they can cut through someone else’s street.  I don’t know what they are trying to achieve – like that’s going to make me speed up instead of slowing down and doing the most traffic-obstructing reverse park possible.  Seriously, there have been a few times when I’ve felt like slamming on the brakes and punching their lights out.  I’m not a violent person but that just shits me so much.
  2. When I’m in class and someone starts arguing with the teacher after the official class finish time.  Why the hell do they do that?  Like anything is so important you need to make the class run over time.  We’re studying editing – I’m sure any thorny editing issues can wait a week.  It’s always the same people too, the ones that constantly ask for things to be re-explained because they don’t understand.  I hate that too – if you can’t can’t get something by the second time around, see the teacher after class.   We were late getting out tonight and I nearly snapped.  Considering it’s three weeks into semester and this is the first class I’ve been to and I only turned up because I couldn’t think of a reason for wagging three weeks in a row, my motivation for being there wasn’t that high in the first place.  An extra 10 minutes nearly killed me.

One thing that did make me happy today – I have a map of Australia on my desk at work for some reason and even on that whole map my run from Sandringham looked a long way!  Go me.

Btw I never realised until I had that map on my desk just how big the Great Dividing Range is.  I thought it only went up to Sydney but it goes all the way to Cairns.  Who knew?  They should call it the Freakin’ Awesome Dividing Range.  I’m such a dunce when it comes to geography but then I grew up in Tassie so I only learnt about the Central Plateau and stuff like that.


6 responses to “Rant-a-rama

  1. Funny, once we were driving across the Divide at Pretty Sally Hill and my husband thought he’d give the kids a quick geography lesson. I sat there open-mouthed as he explained how the great divide went ‘all the way’ to Sydney.

    I pointed out that, actually, it goes all the way to Qld. And west across Vic to the Grampians. He got pissy with me for correcting him and making him look like an idiot. Uh, yeah.

    He insists they never taught him that stuff at school. I think he just daydreamed through grade 3 geography.

    By the way, Sandringham to Melbourne IS a long way.

  2. Kathryn, I’m really impressed with the distances that you’re running now.

    I remember hardly anything about what we learnt in Geography at school. Nope, nothing comes to mind!

    The hat arrived, thanks heaps 🙂

  3. I can relate to both of your rants, the first one directly as it happened to me last weekend, for the second one I’ll just substitute “meetings” for “class”. I hate it when it looks like a meeting is going to finish early, then someone says “Oh, just one more question ….” and you’re stuck until the designated end time of the meeting.

  4. Hey kathryn- it was great to catch up at ausrun drinks a few weeks back!! You talking of your run seeming a long way (awesome BTW!!) and aussie geography reminds of a weight watchers book (many) years ago and one of the projects was to “walk around Australia” – it listed all the distances b/w major towns with idea that you tracked your walking over the year around OZ. Thought it was ridiculous at the time as i rarely walked even ONE k.m but as running and k.m’s increase maybe it could be a more interesting concept…

  5. Only two things!

    I’m with you. I hate them both too.

  6. Totally with you – I won’t give any money to people who can’t even bother to spell or use apostrophes properly! I go to Audrey Choo (no really) at Northland dental group. She’s kind.
    Sandringham to Melb is FAR

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