17 kms of Hell

Went for my long run today along the beach from Sandringham and it was awful, awful, awful.  I got a blister around the 3 km mark and my shoes rubbed on my toes.  Not only was that uncomfortable but made me worry about running in them for the City to Surf.  I’ll try them with band aids next time cos I surely can’t afford new shoes… again.

It felt like we’d ran forever and I kept asking ‘do we have to run as far as…’ whatever landmark, and Simon would tell me, ‘yeah, way passed that…’   Every step hurt and every step I wanted to be home in bed under my doona.

A few times Simon asked if I wanted to turn around and head back and I was like NO!

Then I got really thirsty and needed a drink.  We ran past picnic grounds and toilets and all kinds of places that SHOULD have drink fountains but couldn’t see any.  At one point, I stacked on a bit of a turn cos I just wanted a drink of water (I said the ‘f’ word, in front of little children… oops)   Mostly I tried not to whinge too much though cos I hate being that person.  I just kept quiet and whinged in my head.  Whinging in your head is okay but whinging out loud just makes things worse.

Finally, after about 62 hours, we got to the turn around point.  Woohoo!  Except that meant 7.5 km back (we’d done 2 km in the other direction before we started).  I told Simon to go it alone cos I felt bad about slowing him down.  He did offer, most kindly, to drive back and get me if my blisters were too bad.  Again I said NO!  I’d decided I was doing 17 km and nothing except serious injury would change my mind.

We’d run most of the way out along bush tracks but I decided to go back via the cement path near the road.  I was really limping from blisters by that stage plus it had gotten awfully cold and I didn’t have a jacket.

I kept having all these horrible, negative thoughts like maybe I should quit running and that I wasn’t fit enough or good enough and why did I even try running when I could be like all those people just sitting around eating chips.

I want to curl up in a little, wimpering ball at the side of the road but that would have got me nowhere so instead I turned up the ipod and decided to run one song then walk one, figuring it hurt as much to run as it did to walk and leastways I’d be finished quicker.   Then decided to push it to 2 songs, then 3.

I knew we’d parked in the car park near the pub and I could see an orange BWS bottle shop sign in the distance.  I told myself it was a different pub cos if I’d got there and it wasn’t the car, I’d have lost it.

Then I saw the pub sign.  Definitely the right pub.  Woohoo!

Funnily enough, I got back only 5 minutes after Simon.  He’d mapped our run using the road to work out the distance and that makes me think that the windy tracks we’d ran on were much longer than the road, so we’d done well over 17 km all up.

After all that pain, you’d have thought my feetwould be bleeding stumps but no – I have the two most pissweak looking blisters you’d ever see.  We got medicinal coffee and medicinal blueberry muffins and I felt much happier.  18 kms next week, arrrggghh!

7 responses to “17 kms of Hell

  1. Man that’s a long run! I can’t even do 1/2 a kilometre , how sad is that? I can walk forever, but not run. Blister suck big time, I get them all the time from my shoes dying on me, must get some new ones, but I hate parting with so much money just for sneakers! Last ones cost $280 !!! And they have been useless.

  2. I can’t even imagine running that far – not when I was fit, and certainly not now that I’m such a slack-bum!

  3. Kathryn, have you got good (read expensive) socks, like Thorlos or something. I know they are very expensive, but they are my most effective weapon against blisters.

  4. what a bloody trooper youa re – makes my six kms of walking look piss weak!

  5. This is going to make a great running story Kathryn. You’ll be able to keep embellishing it and trot it out at parties.

    No drink fountains, lots of blisters, 62 hours, and then a pub at the end of the road. The pub makes it sound Irish. Maybe you should use poetic licence and swap the medicinal muffins for a glass of Guinness.

  6. OMG Kathryn, I am seriously nervous about doing the half Marathon in October after reading that post!!! LOL!!

  7. hi kathryn, love. love to read about your running excursions. how’s the blister?

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